wearing a saree
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Wearing A Saree Is A Challenge Altogether! Check Out My Honest Funny “Saree” Confessions!


The real struggle is not when you cook a Biryani, it’s when you got to try your hands wearing a saree!


wearing a saree

I love sarees! And I mean that so much! I still remember how the entire institution of marriage haunted me just thinking about wearing a saree. Thankfully, my parents-in-law let me wear exactly what I want, even when I was newly married!

But…wearing a saree undoubtedly makes every woman look ethnically pretty. And it does the same to me as well! A few days back, we had a wedding on the row and for both the wedding and reception, I finally decided to do the undoable!


TO WEAR A SAREE! (Dramatic music in the background) 

wearing a saree


Check out some of those really hilarious things that pecked in my brains when I was trying to embrace that nine yards!

Challenge accepted!

Okay, I have to do it! If I can cook Biryani for 20 people, if I can give birth to another human, I can wear a saree too ALONE! I can do it!

wearing a saree


Which side’s what!

Which one is front and which one is back? Should the design be up or down? With so much of fabric, 10 kids can have clothes!


wearing a saree


Draping round and round!

Right or left? Which side should be the starting point? God, who invented this apparel!

Continues draping

Round and round and round! Tighter and tighter! Remember what Di said, the tighter the better! Otherwise, the saree might eventually fall off! And then…


Attempting to look beautiful in an ethnic attire and stylish just like the actresses, a woman suffered a malfunction! HER SAREE CAME OFF!

wearing a saree

NO! I can’t let that happen! Tighter!

Google/YouTube it

Okay! Had enough, let’s check out the steps in real, in detail! Prevention is always better than cure!

wearing a saree

Wrapping and Draping!

The pleats of the saree go round and round, round and round, round and round! All through the day! God, I miss my salwar suits so much! Salwar kameez is always THE best. Why did I even choose to wear this nine yards? Of course, looking beautiful makes us do Herculean things!


Where are the DAMN pins! I get them every day when I don’t need them, but now when I NEED them. Safety-pins and nail-cutters must be siblings. They are never found in time.

wearing a saree

I hope I don’t stab myself. Okay focus, if you miss out one pleat, you will look like a fool!

Ouch, I just did pierce myself! Damn!



Wow, I look so great! Is there anything in this world that I can’t do! You go, girl!

wearing a saree


And now, I have to WALK in this, while carrying a baby!



Walking down

One, two, three! Three stairs done! I can complete the flight! If you can do one stair, you can do all!

The mandatory SELFIE!

Wait, I didn’t take a selfie? That’s gonna kill my reputation!

wearing a saree

Clicks, clicks and clicks. Humi, look at the camera! Baby, look at the camera!

Oh God, did one of the pleats fall down! Aah, the pins! I miss Salwar Kameez so much!

After a hundred clicks…

Yay, finally the one that I can put as DP! What’s the use of wearing a saree when you can’t flaunt in social media?

Getting into the car

Okay, I have to first tilt my waist to 48 degrees and then my head to 65 degrees…! Apply Pythagoras’s and Aristotle’s theorems.

wearing a saree

After a ton of mathematical calculations! First, the waist. Done. Then, the head. The pallu, the pallu, manage the damn pallu. Done.

Let’s go! I am totally ready to conquer the world.

wearing a saree

So, ladies, these are some of my HONEST thoughts that I think about every time, I start wearing a saree. If you too could relate to these, please give it a share and let me in the comments. I LOVE reading your comments. And if you too want to buy a beautiful saree, don’t forget to apply some coupons from Coupon Pandora. They provide awesome coupons on almost everything available online. And, finally, if you really like my posts, do sign up to receive awesome brewed content in your inboxes. Take care!


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