ways to make a productive Ramadan

Ways To Make A Productive Ramadan-Super Easy Tips For More Productive Spirituality!

The first week of Ramadan 2018 has already passed and I just can’t believe it! Time indeed flies! And with that, it just struck me that I haven’t written a single post on ways to make a productive Ramadan.

Ramadan 2018 is technically my first Ramadan after being a mother. Since last year I was breastfeeding, I wasn’t able to fast. But since this year I am fasting, I thought to let you know some of the best ways to make a productive Ramadan along with being totally spiritual. Trust me, these tips are totally easy and totally suitable for every fasting Muslim.

Have Suhoor

Okay, I know this may sound quite obvious. But Suhoor is often one of the most underestimated things in Ramadan. Having Suhoor is not only Sunnah but is highly recommended as well. It helps you stay fit and lets your body take in the required to carry on a long fasting period. Please DO NOT MISS IT! Come what may!

ways to make a productive Ramadan

Start Your Day Right After Suhoor (If Possible)

Now this one is something that I am still struggling with. But trust me, this one is a sure shot and one of the best ways to make a productive Ramadan. Since I got married, I have been seeing my MIL getting up at Fajr and starting her day since then. Believe it or not, she literally does finish her entire list of tasks, something that I have been still struggling to achieve.

ways to make a productive Ramadan

Stay Dedicated

Ramadan is a month of devotion, spirituality and most importantly, to get closer to Allah SWT. The key to being more productive on this holy month is to stay sincerely dedicated. Spend your day making endless Dhikr, Dua and reciting the holy Koran.

Sounds quite obvious, right?


What I primarily mean is to ditch your schedule of spending the entire day watching TV series or movies or just by sleeping. Stay genuinely dedicated, only then you can bring about more productivity in this month.

ways to make a productive Ramadan

Light Iftar

I just can’t emphasize how important this is! I still remember how I used to have heavy Iftars that eventually led to food poisoning. My Iftar used to include lots fritters and bowls of haleem. And that made me feel so so heavy when I stood for prayers.

ways to make a productive Ramadan

One of the basic ways to make a productive Ramadan spiritually, especially in this hot summer, is to actually have a very light Iftar. Instead of going for fried and spicy stuff, try including hydrating fruits like apples, cucumbers and watermelons. At all costs, avoid sugary, processed and junk foods. Eating right and healthy during Ramadan not only helps your body to stay fit all along but also helps you concentrate more on worshipping.


Every Ramadan, since my childhood, I have seen many Muslims being genuinely dedicated at the beginning or even in the middle of the month. But as Ramadan proceeds and Eid-Ul-Fitr knocks the door, they all become the same again. They again stop praying, stop giving alms and start spending more time in front of screens or in other affairs.



Irrespective if it’s Ramadan or not, you can never be genuinely dedicated to worship unless you’re thoroughly consistent.

Consistency is the KEY!

If you have started praying five times a day at the beginning of Ramadan, or have started reciting the holy Koran on a daily basis, stick to that. Not just till Eid, but also post the blessed month. Gradually, this slow and steady dedication can surely help you gain more devotion for the next Ramadan.

ways to make a productive Ramadan

Shop Wisely

Okay, I know Eid-ul-Fitr is our biggest festival and spending a bit generously is kinda okay. But, but, but… while shopping, don’t just make it a wild attack on every shopping counter you see.

One of the best ways to be a smart shopper in and after Ramadan is to make a budget, a checklist and religiously stick to it. Before shopping make sure to check out the exciting online and offline deals and discounts. You can also use lots of coupons from Coupon Pandora while shopping online. That way you can shop smart while being able to save some bucks which you can donate as Zakat.

ways to make a productive Ramadan


Make The Best In The Last

And while you do shop, don’t EVER forget to make the most of the last 10 days. I know the last 10 days offer awesome discounts, deals and collection of outfits. But hey, it’s actually these last 10 days that can be the key to your Jannah.

ways to make a productive

Instead of going on a shopping spree during this time period, you can shop beforehand. Stay in the state of Itikaf as much as possible, make lots and lots of dua, give charity or make some serious permanent life changes. The things to do the best during these last 10 days of Ramadan is just endless.


These tips are literally tried and tested and believe me, you are bound to feel better all throughout the month. There are also some other ways to make a productive Ramadan but I have listed down these because these are some of my personal favourites. If you know about some other ways to make a productive Ramadan, let me know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your Muslims friends and let them know you do care about them.

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