Want To Beat Your Stress? Check Out These Really Easy Tips

Pay bills, drop kids to school, shop groceries, dozing off at work, pay taxes, social media updates! Quite a similar schedule right!

Thanks to the daily hectic schedule that has landed us to this most common issue, that we all are dealing with- STRESS!

beat your stress

Of course, there are millions of methods or solutions out there that can help you to beat your stress. But, if you too in case, are just not relaxed by either of them, welcome! After having posted about getting rid of pessimism, I just thought to post something that’s quite in the same boat. Thus, to help you out and the millions out there, here we have compiled some of the best unconventional tips that can help you overcome stress.

1. Eat Slower

Yes! You read it right! Eating slowly can actually encourage mindfulness. Not only it can help calming yourself but eating slowly can also aid in your digestion. Quite a difficult and a challenging habit, especially in this age, where minds are always restless,  indeed, but it do can help. In case, it’s getting harder on you, try being a food critic.

beat your stress

2. Talk Slower

Imagine your speech is racing against facts, figures and gossips! You can easily get excited, of course. Talking fast can actually get your heart racing, make your body tense and your breathing even shallow. Having a slow conversation can too, like eating slowly, encourage mindfulness and focus.

beat your stress

If you are a talkative bird, try going slow. Instead of jumping from one topic to the other, keep your focus on the initial topic. Once, you start developing this habit, conversations will become more meaningful and your emotional and physical aura will become more balanced.

3. Learn to say NO

Yes, we all have faced a typical situation when our heads are crying off saying NO, but are mouths ultimately say the reverse. Saying NO can indeed “seem” disrespectful. You may even feel that it can hurt others’ emotions. Or maybe it even does it! But, trust me, saying “NO” can help you A LOT!

beat your stress

Not only it can save you from unwanted clumsiness but it can also help you focus on your priorities, and thus, help you ultimately beat your stress. Instead of saying, “I will let you know,” when you surely don’t want to, go ahead and just say it. Instead of disrespecting others, this habit can eventually let others know your boundaries.

beat your stress

4. Laugh it

Studies have shown laughing helps reducing cortisol levels and further helps in releasing endorphins. This eventually helps in improving your outlook on things that you have earlier stressed on. So, next weekend, instead of hanging out, get yourself a couple of comedy series!

beat your stress

5. Vitamin C intake

According to recent studies, Vitamin C intake can help reducing both physiological and psychological stress. When you’re uber-stressed, just gulp in a glass of orange juice or anything that is affluent with Vitamin C.

beat your stress

Offtrack indeed, but these given tips can definitely make you feel better if not beat your stress. If you too have some unconventional tips, let us know in the comments below.


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