Are You Totally Bored Of Red? Check Out These Unconventional Wedding Lehenga Colors That Are Worth Dying For!

Pink and blue? Or mustard and green? Going offbeat instead of red for wedding lehenga is no cake-walk!

wedding lehenga

While red has always dominated the big fat Indian wedding sphere since ages, literally, it can be quite safe to opt for other colours, for attaining that “hatke” look. If you to want to break off the classic red thread, yet are totally clueless about other options, here we are.

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Dedicated to all the soon-to-be brides, here are some of the hottest and trendiest wedding lehenga colour combinations. And trust me, you will LOVE them!

Thundering Tangerine

Quite close to the red palette, tangerine can be an exciting option, if you prefer going bright yet close to being traditional. Definitely, nothing can beat the classic couple of “tango”, that includes tangerine and gold. But, letting it go along with roasted almond can also be a serious hit.

wedding lehenga

Just check out glamorously Priyanka Chopra flaunts herself in the ramp. Spread with glittering gold sequins and combining it with a plain dull gold dupatta has just made the ensemble flawless. Thanks to the godfather of fashion, Manish Malhotra, for providing such inspiration.

wedding lehenga

Timeless Blue

If you are more of an introvert and choose to go off-track, try your hand with different shades of blue. Combining blue with silver can help you go all chic yet exquisite. You can also air your sky blue “choli” with a fuchsia pink lehenga, teamed up with a blue net dupatta with silver sequins all over. Exactly like this Anju Modi product.

wedding lehenga

However, if you prefer a deeper shade, royal or navy blue can be your thing. Boasting an unmatched confident style, majestic blue with silver or gold sequins can help you go all royal with a touch of elegance. You can also try your hand combining blue with other colours like gold, black, beige, peach and maroon. Or better pop it up with a subtle pink dupatta.

wedding lehenga

Pretty Pink

One of the hottest trends of the season yet one of the most feminine colours, pink! Combine it with bright yellow and get your glowy side on. Thanks to Geeta Basra and, of course, Archana Kochar for this elegant yet bright combo that can simply make your wedding pics an inspiration for the other brides.

wedding lehenga

However, if you choose going lesser bright, combine your pink wedding lehenga with silver or ice colored blouse. Or you can even have silver or golden intricate designs all over just like Anushka Sharma. Pair it with an ice blue or just pink net dupatta and unleash your royal panache!

wedding lehenga

Earthy Marsala

I chose it for my big day and I totally LOVED it! Basically, from the family of red, Marsala can help you go bold while being majestic, tasteful and glamorous. Again thanks to Manish Malhotra for producing such timeless combinations for us!

wedding lehenga

Pairing it with silver, navy blue or golden choli simply creates an unparalleled style statement. Just pair your marsala lehenga with a velvet or satin blouse with minimal makeup and let the nude glamour do the talking.

Soothing aquamarine

A wedding lehenga in aquamarine is bound to give you that stylish goddess feel. Giving out a fresh soothing effect, this colour with subtle hints of silver alongside helps in creating an overall breathtaking ensemble.

wedding lehenga

Of course, you can pair it with other colours, but no matter what, a completely monochromatic aquamarine lehenga, irrespective of any fabric, produces an unmatched ethereal aura.

Quirky mix

Again thanks to Manish Malhotra for producing some of the quirkiest bridal combinations ever! This fluorescent blue can indeed go casual or even mainstream. Why not add some masala to it!

wedding lehenga

With subtle yet attractive hints of pink, red and, for that shimmer, golden, this wedding lehenga is for sure an exciting colour riot. For all those ladies, who prefer going bold with the salt of pop, this inspiration is a must-check.

Marvelous Mustard

O-M-G! Mustard is one of those colours that is, at once, classic yet superbly gorgeous. If you prefer having a morning wedding, a mustard coloured lehenga paired with maroon or marsala, will help you attain a pure breathtaking view. Just like this bride who has no regrets breaking away from red!

wedding lehenga

Irresistible Ivory

If you consider a complete white lehenga too dull, yet other colours like yellow, mustard or pink too flashy, ivory is your thing. Combining cream and brown, just in right proportions, ivory looks gorgeous on almost every skin tone.

wedding lehenga

Club it with gold to become the ultimate diva of the town or just team it with darker shades like maroon or navy blue. And you are already the latest trendsetter!

Stunning White

Purity, innocence and perfection! That’s what white is all about! One of the most unexpected colours for your big day, white can be at once exotic yet breathtaking! A monochromatic white lehenga heavily embedded with zardozi work can grab all the eyeballs.

wedding lehenga

wedding lehenga

To go further off track, pair it with a simple red dupatta and/or red choli and pop the look like a true diva. (Click the pic below to buy it)

Elegant Emerald

Just like the gem after which it’s been named, emerald is just a priceless colour whose charm never seems to fade away. While golden sequins can create that timeless spell that brides often look for, teaming it with a blushed dupatta can be a good idea as well. Unexpected yet stunning!

wedding lehenga

wedding lehenga

Did you like any of these wedding lehenga colour combinations? Let us know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share it with your soon-to-be-married besties!




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