UNBELIEVABLE! I Am Shocked To Know That Salman Khan Rejected THESE Movies!

So, the verdict regarding Salman Khan blackbuck poaching case is finally out! Salman Khan was granted bail!

Well, what else can one expect!

Salman Khan


And on this pretext, I just thought to write a post especially revolving around Salman Khan. From “being human” to killing uhhmm humans, our beloved bhaijaan’s career has been carefully sketched in order to prevent any kind of mishaps. Considering this point, in today’s post, I decided to write about those films that Salman Khan rejected.

Let’s check out which are those super awful films that our Bhaijaan felt totally inappropriate to work in.


Haw! Yes, the one that showed love, vengeance and ruthlessness! Baazigar since ages has been one of my most watched movies. But never did I know that it was initially offered to Salman Khan. Soon after he rejected it, the prize felt in Shah Rukh Khan’s lap. Probably, Salman Khan thought that playing a negative role might hamper his image. So, better not experiment at all. Thank you bhaijaan, for the rest is history.

Salman Khan



I am totally not surprised that Josh was offered to Salman Khan! I mean given to his predisposed temperament of being quite violent and aggressive. He, in fact, would have been a better choice than Shah Rukh Khan, who eventually played the role. He was the perfect choice for being a brash goon who literally didn’t think that eve-teasing can be serious. So, yes he was just made for the role. But, then how can he be a brother especially opposite Aishwarya Rai Bachchan! Totally makes sense!

Salman Khan



Wut! Yes, even I was shocked to know that this film is on this list. And like Josh, this film too wanted more of Salman Khan than Aamir Khan. That’s because the role called up for looking totally outraged (check), grunting (not sure though) and beating people (check). And most importantly, in the second half, he wouldn’t have any dialogues. And that’s kinda good thing for our bhai, because that called up for some real acting. So…!

Salman Khan


Kal Ho Na Ho

Yet another movie that Salman Khan turned down. However, this was actually for playing the supporting role of Sameer, which meant he might have to quit the typical male-ego! And most importantly, this role had to show that some men can indeed respect a woman’s feelings instead of just physically abusing them. Well, you see…!

Salman Khan


Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Again, whaaaat! This was probably the biggest shocker of the list because it was really hard to believe anyone except SRK who could even fit the role. But we still don’t understand the probable reason for this rejection. I mean, all he had to do was harass and annoy a young girl abroad till she finally admits falling for you and then fighting off her fiance as well as friends. Why bhai why?

Salman Khan


Chak De! India

Of course! Like why would Salman Khan even think about supporting and boosting a bunch of young players to win a World Cup?. I mean because this is probably one of those really few movies that bust up all the patriarchal concepts and most importantly, had zero room for any kind of misogynistic or basically, to explain in “understandable” terms, “item songs.” The lead character Kabir Khan’s role called for crisp acting skills and 0% taking off shirts. So, that was pretty understandable!

Salman Khan


Shocked to know the names? Well, I too was! If you liked this post, don’t forget to comment, tag and share with your Salman Khan friends. And if you think I missed out any, please let me know in the comments. I love reading your comments. Till then, take care!

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