truths about life that no one tells you
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Truths About Life That No One Tells You! 12 Lessons Life Teaches You!

Life doesn’t get easier, YOU become stronger! No wonder life does become harsh the more you face it. However, the sooner you confront the truths about life, the sooner you realize that the world is more or less the same for almost everyone, even for you. And with this thought, that struck me at 12 a.m, I decided to write a detailed post on some of the harsh truths about life that no one tells you but you definitely need to know. Brace yourselves people as today I shall unveil some of the most brutally honest truths; truths about life that NO ONE tells you! NO ONE!

truths about life that no one tells you



This is probably the biggest life lesson I have at least learnt in my entire life!

Trust me, no one actually cares about you. It doesn’t matter how harsh your health, career or relationships had been. As long as YOU are NOT the other person, it hardly matters. Yes, there are people, genuine ones, who do care about your well being, but no one actually knows or genuinely want to know what you’ve been through. So, instead of trying to explain your saga, start creating the story that you want or at least desire about.

truths about life that no one tells you

Your pain is not actually special. Everyone has their own story. And that’s why NO ONE CARES!

You WILL Lose Friends

The older you become, the lesser friends you will have! Probably one of the saddest and heart-wrenching truths about life that no one tells you. At least I wasn’t told!

truths about life that no one tells you

Friends are indeed an important part of our lives, but with time and major life events like marriage and being parents, priorities often change. As a result, you might or rather WILL lose some of the most cherished friends. If not that, life will compel you to face such situations that will make you lose some of your best friends. Forever!

We all have been on the same boat, you see!

Words Are More Important Than Thoughts

Trust me, no one, just no one cares what your brain or soul thinks about. What actually matters is your words. Your words and its way of expression reflect your true self and your personality.

truths about life that no one tells you

Your tongue is more than just an essential organ. It’s the mirror that brings in the real self and the true you! So, make sure to mind your words!

Death Is Final!

This one is probably my most hated life truths! Death is THE final stage and will happen, even with your loved ones.

truths about no one tells you

But what makes it one of the most hated truths is the fact you cannot predict when it might hit on and on whom. That’s actually pretty scary I know it, but yes, it’s again the truth you must always remember!

Time is MONEY

Whether you like it or not, time is actually THE key to live a smarter and a happier life. It is actually THE most important asset you have. Make the best use of it before you regret your decision. Prioritize your tasks, slot down your daily activities, understand who needs your more time than the others and trust me, life can be a lot better.

truths about life that no one tells you

Talent Is USELESS Without Efforts

Yet another harshest and most coarse truths about life that no one tells you! So you love painting or clicking! But just don’t want to present it to the world. Trust me, that way you’re actually just wasting your talent, whatever it might be!

triths about life that no one tells you

You might be a great writer or a guitarist but unless you show genuine efforts and consistency, you actually don’t possess the passion for the same. If your talent or your dreams don’t compel you to sacrifice your sleep and sweat, trust me, you’re not that passionate about it, which ultimately makes your expertise totally USELESS!

Money Won’t Visit Your Grave

I know, I know bragging about morals might sound really futile! But in the end, you got to admit, your bank balance won’t ever visit your grave. So why keep on stocking them!

No, by that I don’t mean I don’t believe in savings. I do. But that eventually doesn’t mean to chase money as if you’re born for it. No one actually is born for it! Embrace this fact ASAP!

truths about life that no one tells you

Live your life, pursue your dream hobbies, get ahead with that dream start-up! Don’t think too much about saving your pennies in your bank. Because eventually, EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE!

Not Everyone Is Your Friend

Umm, well, yet another one of the most bitter truths about life that no one tells you. At least no one told me! Expecting everyone to be your loyal and true friend is not only impossible but also a big mistake. Because, in the end, it eventually doesn’t matter how good you’re to people. The most important ones whom you should actually take seriously are the ones who stood by you thick and thin. Those friends who can easily recognize the fake smile behind a stressed and an unhappy day.

truths about  life that no one tells you



Attainment of Happiness Is Myth

Now, whether you like it or not, but this is a fact! One of the harshest and brutally honest truths about life that no one tells you!




The pursuit of happiness often makes us do things that may often be immoral or even unethical; thereby keep us further astray from genuine happiness or can even further push you towards suffering from depression or anxiety.

truths about life that no one tells you

Whereas the real truth is the entire concept of being completely happy is no less than a myth. Let’s admit it you can NEVER  be completely happy. So, better stop whining about your life!

Folks, here’s a frank tip to feel better. Every time you feel down for some reason or the other, just remember there’s at least one person or the other in some part of the world who dreams to have the life of yours. Instead, be grateful for what you have!

Motherhood and Marriage Is Not Just About Kisses

Okay, I know this is a very common fact, but I sincerely feel I must emphasize this. I have met people who fantasize about marriage to be just a box of romantic moments. I have also seen women who became mothers just because they got MARRIED and that the society compelled them to reproduce.




Marriage and motherhood call for A LOT of patience and forgiveness. You just can’t sit around and expect things to happen. You need to avoid several things to save your marriage. You need to sacrifice a ton of things after becoming a new mom. It can be brutally hard at times, but once you give yourself to the right person or to your child, the entire journey can be memorable.

truths about life that no one tells you

Pleasure Is Temporary

Pleasure, no matter of kind, is always temporary. Never prioritize your ego more than any important relationships. Trust me, you’re going to regret it later.

Present Matters

You may have been a leader once or have been charting out impeccable plans for the same after 10 years. But that doesn’t matter!

truths about life that no one tells you

Your present status is what really matters. So, stop pondering about past achievements or about your ace future plans, when you literally can’t do anything NOW.

Life is definitely not a bed of roses. Instead of expecting the same, embrace these brutal truths of life that no one tells you.

Did I miss out anything? Let me know in the comments!

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