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Travelling With A Baby? DON’T Forget To Pack These Essentials In Your Hand Bag!

I love travelling, but travelling with a baby is altogether so different and so difficult! The last time when I landed up in Saudi Arabia, I was all by myself. But this time it’s with my 15 MO girl. Thankfully Humayra doesn’t quite throw a tantrum these days. Especially if she knows she has to go out, she is probably the happiest person existing on the planet! Lol!

travelling with a baby

Travelling with a baby is actually quite a lot more challenging than I ever thought. And so, for making things a bit easier, I decided to share some of the essentials that you must pack in your bag while travelling with a baby. Without much ado, let’s get the list started.


Of course, this is no shocker! As a new mother, I feel babies and toddlers have changing hunger patterns, especially in the oddest places. When you least expect them to be hungry, you would soon realize her tummy is already empty and needs to be refilled again. Thus, food on travel!

travelling with a baby

For babies or even toddlers, I feel the best travel food would be the instant cereal and formula milk. The best part being you can prepare it instantly and serve it anywhere, anytime. You can also carry some biscuits or cookies to kill those sudden hunger pangs. Also, don’t forget to carry water exclusively for your little one.


This one is yet another no-shocker! You might need fewer clothes in case you’re travelling with a toddler. But when travelling with a baby less than a year old, or especially less than 6 months old, having an extra set of clothes in your bag can always save your day. I know it because I have once been through a situation when I didn’t carry the extra set and I was all in trouble on the road.

travelling with a baby

Make sure to carry clothes based on your travelling destination and the mode of transport. And yes, don’t EVER miss out those extra warm clothes when you’re flying. I missed it out and I actually had to borrow it from my friend, who too, thankfully, was travelling with her baby along with me.


For infants less than six months old, an extra set of around four to five diapers are, of course, a must. But for toddlers as well, even if he or she is under potty training, carrying few extra diapers will always save your day.

travelling with a baby

As for the kind of diapers are concerned, personally, I always prefer tape diapers, especially for babies less than 6 months old. But for toddlers, pant styled one helps you alot with the changing sessions, especially in public.

Baby Wipes

And when there’s diaper, there are wipes! Baby wipes are so so important. From changing diapers to wiping off those dirty tiny hands and faces, personally, wipes are more important for me than diapers. Make sure to carry a big packet if your baby is less than six months old as there can be more unexpected pooping sessions in them than in toddlers.


OMG! I never did even think that my bag would have fewer lipsticks and more toys. But, that’s what motherhood is about I guess.

travelling with a baby

A long journey or short, toys are just a must! They help your baby stay distracted and busy, even it means for a couple of minutes. Especially if you’re travelling with a baby all alone, toys can help you calm your li’l one when all of a sudden she starts throwing some random tantrum.

Baby Carrier

Thankfully, I didn’t have to plan to travel to Saudi before Humayra was a year old. And due to that, I actually didn’t feel the need to get a good baby carrier. But, while travelling with a baby who’s less than a year old, a baby carrier is a definite MUST. They help you a lot, trust me a lot! From catching that last minute boarding to checking in airports in a rush, baby carriers can truly be a blessing. And yes, did I tell you it also lets you carry your lil one close to yourself thus promoting more bond between you two!

travelling with a baby

Thermos Flask

Ok, I know when you’re travelling via air, it’s easy to request the air-hostess to get you some boiled water. But consider travelling with a baby via road, by a bus. It won’t be that easy to get a 100 ml of boiled safe pure water even in a restaurant. Thus, the flask! Instead of relying on others on the road, stay safe by carrying some boiled water with yourself. Your bag might get a bit heavier but your baby’s health won’t be at risk.

Hand Sanitizer

And how can I ignore those germs as well, especially while travelling with a baby! I never gave importance to those tiny organisms, but since the day I became a new mother, I soon realized how powerful can those germs be with respect to your baby’s health. Carry a tiny hand sanitizer and ensure a better and safe health for your baby even on those weary miles.

Ziplock Bags

And finally, make sure not to just stuff in everything in your bag directly. Pack every baby travel essential safely in a ziplock bag, especially stuff like pacifiers, feeding bottles and sippers. If possible, get a couple of them, the extra ones as backups for stuff like soiled or dirty diapers and clothes.

travelling with a baby

So, mommies, these were some of the essentials that I personally had carried while flying to Saudi and feel every mom should carry as well. If you do feel that I have missed out something, don’t hesitate to comment below. And if you do know of any mommy who might be travelling with a baby, share this post with her and tag her. Till then, take care!

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