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This Valentine’s Day Surprise Your Husband With These Exciting Easy Tips!

So, Valentine’s Day is HERE! And maybe you’re still confused as to how should you celebrate it and how should you surprise your husband to make it really really special! Don’t worry, I got your back!

A gift, a blessing, a BFF and a soul mate! Your husband is special in just so many ways. Remember the first time when you first felt the butterflies for him. However, soon after marriage, things start changing. And it is during this time when you as a wife might sometimes need to reignite that flame.

surprise your husband

Yeah, I actually can understand that!

So, how do you do that? How do you surprise your husband in such a way that he feels that he is the luckiest man in the world?

Dedicated to all the loving wives out there, here I have listed some of the best¬†surprises. What’s more, you don’t need to have a¬†big budget! Yay!


“Ah, how can a piece of paper actually work!” Might be already in your mind, right? But trust me, as boring as it can sound your feelings as notes can actually do wonders. Take a paper, coloured one would be great. Jot down anything romantic or even naughty or just memorable. And keep it in a place where he notices the most often like in his wallet or shirt pockets. That will definitely make his day, even if his boss chides him up.

surprise your husband

Cook his favourite dishes

A wise man once said, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Well, that’s perfectly true, at least for many men. Your hubby is definitely going to get exhausted after a long boring day at work. What better than his favourite dishes that can light him up. Try cooking before he arrives, lest he gets the aroma! Just before he turns up for the table, arrange the dishes in a grand way! Voila! Don’t miss his expressions!

surprise your husband

Dedicate a song

One of my all-time favourites because like, there are many others who are not too creative! But hey, we have music! Doesn’t matter if you have a singer’s voice or not, just get on with it. Sing a romantic song without any edits. If possible, practice for several days. Create a video message and drop it exactly when he is least expecting it. You can either sing his favourite number or the one that can best express your love for him.

surprise your husband

Love Trail

Now, this can be quite tough if you are a parent. Make a creative love trail in such a way that your kids can’t ruin it. You can use rose petals or even tiny notes stuck in such a way that it leads to a special place meant only for you two. For notes, you can jot down a special memory or just say things that make him special for you, with a follow-up line to keep going on.

surprise your husband

Date Night

An unexpecting date night is always bound to surprise your husband. Plan a date that involves everything his favourites. Like his favourite colour as the theme, the dress that he loves seeing you on or his loved restaurant. Basically whatever he loves. Let him know that you do “know” what he loves and you’re always ready to make him happy.

surprise your husband

Surprise him with a much-awaited gift

Play Station or a shirt! Almost every man has a much-desired goodie that he always wants to go for but unfortunately doesn’t go for it. You know how much he has sacrificed for you and your kids. It’s time to let him know how much that means to you too. Buy that goodie for him, be it an expensive watch or just a phone. A sure-shot to make him happy!

surprise your husband

Weekend getaway


Work, home, eat, sleep. Repeat!

Break the monotony by planning a surprise getaway! Be it a beach or just the countryside. Make the plans already. When everything’s done, sneak in the tickets in his pant pockets when he is off for work. Trust us, when he finds them he would just LOVE it.

surprise your husband

To make it more romantic, create mini video messages and drop them as hints for a major upcoming surprise.

Write a poem

Probably one of the cheapest yet more adorable ways to surprise your husband! Go creative and try writing few verses dedicated only and only for him. Add more warmth by literally writing them down on paper, instead of emailing or texting him. Go classic and he will definitely fall for you all over again.

surprise your husband

Wear his clothes

Ladies, this may be quite unexpecting, but it is a sure shot. Men just LOVE to see their ladies in their clothes! Those oversized tees may not bring out your curves but will definitely bring a smile on his face.

surprise your husband

Decorate your room

This necessarily doesn’t have to be for the V day though! You can even try this out for his birthday. So, yay!

Brighten up your room with fairy lights and rose petals. Keep the lights dim and go aromatic with scented candles. The aura is bound to mesmerize him.

surprise your husband

See, not that tough eh! If you too have some more tips by which you can surprise your husband, creatively or romantically, leave them in the comments below. Let’s spread the love and happiness!

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