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8 Things That You Should Never Tell A Mom! Just NEVER!

On 8th March 2017, I was finally blessed with a cute girl. Humayra was born! And with that started not just a lifetime journey of motherhood but also a journey replete with unnecessary words. Being a new mom is definitely no cakewalk, at least for me. You have to get up at wee hours, feed your baby, change a diaper after a 5th blowout and what not. And the next morning, meeting with people who are just waiting to lecture you just makes you feel so disgusted. So, if you’re about to meet a new mom, make sure not to mention any of these things that you should never tell a mom.

things that you should never tell a mom

Moms, brace yourselves to relate some of the most accurate things that you have had faced in your early motherhood period!

“Breastfeed! Not Formula Feed!”

Okay, you see I decided to become a mother knowing that breastfeeding our babies is as important as inhaling oxygen.

Read this slowly!


.things that you should never tell a mom

As a new mother, I was unsure why Humayra cried a lot even after a breastfeeding session. It was only after a few days when I realized that I was going low on milk. That finally made me switch to formula milk once a day.

New moms already have a lot to bear postpartum. Please make sure not to rant about a breastfeeding session especially to someone who’s already struggling with it.

“You Have Dark Circles!”

So, what do you expect? Halo eye makeup? Or a pair of sultry eyes?

Mothers need to feed their babies when the whole world is fast asleep. That too after every two hours round the clock. Adding to the needs of the tiny new human, she also has to take care of the house and family along with fighting postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression.

Mentioning her dark circles can only push her to deeper depressive pits. Because let’s admit it, most of the women are actually conscious of their looks.

things that you should never tell a mom


Instead of shaming her, you need to realize that dark circles are signs of a mom warrior. Can you handle the tasks as she does? If not, better stay mum!

“Sleep When The Baby Sleeps”

Probably one of my most detested things that you should never tell a mom!

Do you actually realize that it’s only when the baby sleeps when moms get some time to finish up all the pending household chores?

Or do you wish to volunteer to do everything for us? If yes, we’re so ready to get on the bed!

Sleep when the baby sleeps is probably the most common advice given to all new moms. And one of the most hated things that you should never tell a mom. An advice that has no existence in real life. So, if you know that, please don’t say it!

things that you should never tell a mom

“You Have Gained Weight!”

Unfortunately, people never, ever, realize that commenting on someone’s weight is actually a sensitive issue!

Commenting on a mom’s weight, irrespective if it has increased or decreased is, please understand for once and for all, NOT COOL!

things that you should never tell a mom

The mom you just met or are about to meet might be already in her recovery stage. She has her hormones fighting all the time. She faces baby blues and postpartum anxiety and depression every single day. Amidst these, commenting on her baby weight or simply on her weight after a couple of kids can definitely seem ruthless. At least for me, it does!

“Your Baby Cries A LOT!”

Yes, she does! And no, that’s none of your business!

This comment may actually seem a very innocent one on the surface. But trust me, it’s definitely one of the things that you never tell a mom!

Babies cry. Period. Understand that and know that her mom too doesn’t wish to see her crying. The mother constantly tries her best to soothe the baby and ensure that she’s well fed, dressed, burped, changed and slept. Even after all these, if the baby does cry a lot, and even if that makes buildings collapse, you just can’t say that! You shouldn’t!

things that you should never tell a mom

Instead, you can just be polite and be concerned to know why is she actually crying. That would be more humanly sane as well!

“Do you feed her this?”

I feed my baby what I like and believe me, that’s none of your concern!

Feeding has always been one of the hottest lecture topics that moms have to endure it just all the time. If you don’t want to upset that new mom, please don’t start ranting about her baby’s meal schedule.

things that you should never tell a mom

Just don’t!

“He/She Doesn’t Look Like You!”

Since day 1, I have been listening to this and am so so tired of it!

You see, before anyone comments this one, moms already know about that how do their babies look and whom they resemble. Please don’t keep reminding us how much we endured throughout the pregnancy and labour and how the father easily won the trophy.

Yes, I actually said that! Moms, did I say anything wrong?

“When’s the next one coming?”

As soon as you stop existing! ?

Family planning is actually a personal issue you see! Please stop asking things that seriously are not your business!

So, people, that’s it! Personally, I feel these are some of the things that you should never tell a mom. Irrespective if she’s a new mom or a second-time mom, a woman’s life and body undergo a trillion changes once a baby arrives.

New moms need equal attention and care. Don’t at all mess with her by saying any of these things that you should never tell a mom!

Did I miss out anything else? Do let me know in the comments!

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