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These Ultimate Summer Tips Help Me Survive Heat And Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle!

And finally, the most dreaded season is here in India! SUMMER!   S-U-M-M-E-R   Okay, I know that was very very dramatic! But, I just hate it so much! Well, because… With April 2018 already there (so fast), it’s again that time of the year when your face shall be filled with salt. I mean sweat! But, since …

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7 Natural Ways To Fight Pimples And To Get Glowing Skin

Have a wedding around the corner? Or have to look impressive for your next interview? But, unfortunately, your pimples don’t let you look flawless. If you too are totally frustrated with those unwanted tiny relatives bursting out every now and then and are looking for reliable home remedies, you have landed up just in the right place. Here are some of …

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losing post-pregnancy weightpregnancy and motherhood

6 Really easy tips for losing post-pregnancy weight

Congratulations! You just became a mother and have finally entered the beautiful journey of motherhood. And with that comes a plethora of issues-losing post-pregnancy weight being one of them!   if your pregnancy started off with a pretty normal weight, shedding off those extra pounds might not be a tall order. But if you had been overweight, it might …

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