post pregnancy dietpregnancy and motherhood

Post-Pregnancy Diet For The Indian New Moms! The Only Food Chart You Need!

Taking care of your post-pregnancy diet is crucially important for mother and baby and it must be continued after delivery as well. Period! A balanced diet along with rest helps the mother to recover faster from labour pain and delivery.  All the way, make sure to have whole grains, iron and calcium-rich foods, vegetables, fruits and dry fruits. It’s not necessary …

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pregnancy and motherhood

13 Confessions Of Every New Mom That Will Make You Rethink Before You Judge Mothers!

Like every new mom, yes, my life did change after a child! Having completed one full year of motherhood, I soon realized being a mother is not that difficult the way I thought! In fact, it’s a billion times more! The day you become a mother is an ultimate day when you finally realize the essence of true selfless love. …

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6 Really easy tips for losing post-pregnancy weight

Congratulations! You just became a mother and have finally entered the beautiful journey of motherhood. And with that comes a plethora of issues-losing post-pregnancy weight being one of them!   if your pregnancy started off with a pretty normal weight, shedding off those extra pounds might not be a tall order. But if you had been overweight, it might …

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