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11 Best Badass Ladies In Game of Thrones Who Perfectly Define AWESOMENESS!

2019 is indeed a long wait! With Season 7 of Game of Thrones already over, since almost a year back, we have got multiple unmatchable characters. Sketched with perfection, George R.R Martin has impeccably drawn out some of the best and badass ladies in Game of Thrones amidst a chaotic backdrop of wars, betrayals, competitions and deaths. From devoted wives …

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10 Things Indian TV Serials Want You To Believe But Are Instead Super-Funny!

Once a student asked her teacher, “Ma’am, what are the real monsters?” And the teacher replied (in her mind), “It’s definitely Indian TV serials!” Love them or hate them, the daily soaps have an immense popularity among the masses. In fact, to a certain extent, they are more important to some women than serving dinner at right time. I …

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