rapes in India

Rapes In India Are Caused, Not By Rapists, But By THESE Shocking Things! “SLOW CLAP”

Rapes in India are becoming a norm! And that’s UNACCEPTABLE!


From Nirbhaya to 8 YO Asifa to even that 4 MO infant, rapes in India have slowly become a great topic of discussion and thankfully people are speaking out. But amidst all these, have we ever wondered what actually causes rapes in India? No, it’s not because of men and of course, not because of the patriarchy.

rapes in India

Wait, before you get totally outraged and plan my murder, it would be great if you read the following points that might break down my entire concept why I, like most of the people, believe rapes in India are primarily caused by everything else apart from men.

Because women have mobile phones

Of course, how can women have their personal mobile devices! I mean why do they even need to stay connected. You see, frankly speaking, I use my smartphone to stay connected with my followers on FB and Instagram. But you see, apparently, that’s actually so unethical. Born as a woman, I must primarily aim to be a good girl who can spend all her time back in the house, especially in the kitchen. So, why would I ever need a mobile device?

rapes in India

In case, you’re wondering what can make you a “good girl”, give this a read.


Because women go out

Of course, we use mobile phones when we feel the urge to go out! And how can that be ever acceptable? You see, there’s a common feature in the rape cases of Asifa and Nirbhaya and even that 4 MO infant. Each one of them was outside the vicinity of a “house.”

rapes in India

Remember what the Mukesh, one of the Nirbhaya’s rapists said rapes, “Women who go out at night have only themselves to blame in case they attract the attention of male molesters.” Click here to read more about what Mukesh Singh had to say about the entire concept of rape.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if the minors and their families were nomads and that they are financially deprived to own their house. Of course, poverty in India was NEVER an issue. Instead, it’s their fault.

Rapes in India happen because women earn

Following the above-mentioned points, women in India shouldn’t even think about earning. As per patriarchy, a financially independent woman is generally a threat to the entire clan of mankind. Well, that’s because that will make her stronger and braver than most of the men. And that is literally threatening to the patriarchs of our society.

rapes in India

So, women who earn basically are just looking ways to go outside to attract more men. Which in turn makes them more susceptible to rapists and molesters. Why be independent at all?

Because women wear jeans

Jeans cause more imbalance in men than their animalistic desires! Totally true! You see, it’s that simple, born as a woman, you ought to be clad totally in a saree or maximum in a salwar kameez. Even in saree, you’re supposed to ensure that your “ghunghat” dangles all the way from head to toe.

rapes in India

And yes, before you start judging me, let me get this downright clear. I wear an abaya every time I step out and I feel it perfectly fine when I see others wearing jeans. Because, let me remind you, freedom matters!

Because women have male friends

You see, several people have actually taken that famously infamous Bollywood dialogue seriously.

“Ek ladka aur ladki kavi dost nahi so sakte.”

Umm, okay!

Which means every time you see a woman having male friends or even hanging around with a male friend, quite like the Nirbhaya case, you label her as “available” or simply “asking for it.”

Rapes In India Happen Because of Chowmein

As per Haryana’s one of the Khap Panchayats, one of the primary causes of rape is chow mein. Yes, chow mein!

rapes in India

Accordingly, “Chowmein leads to hormonal imbalance evoking an urge to indulge in such acts.” Well…!

And lastly,

Because of women

Of course, you can’t just blame men who go raping or molesting around! The major and the most important cause of rapes in India are because of women. Being born as a woman makes you liable for any kind of sexual assault. From Nirbhaya to Asifa, the victims are to be blamed more than the rapists themselves. And rightly so! As long as you are a man, you are free to even rape and murder a four MO infant. To prevent rape, you shouldn’t be at all born as a woman!

rapes in India

So, people, these are some of the most important causes due to which rapes in India occur quite frequently. Don’t you agree? If you I missed out anything, please let me know in the comments. And if you genuinely feel this post needs to be shared out give it big share.

PS- All the images have been taken from here and here.

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