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Post-Pregnancy Diet For The Indian New Moms! The Only Food Chart You Need!

Taking care of your post-pregnancy diet is crucially important for mother and baby and it must be continued after delivery as well. Period!

A balanced diet along with rest helps the mother to recover faster from labour pain and delivery. 

All the way, make sure to have whole grains, iron and calcium-rich foods, vegetables, fruits and dry fruits. It’s not necessary to follow exactly everything in confinement diet but some changes can be easily incorporated in the regular diet of a new mommy. Not only can this regular diet help in your recovery process but it can also aid in post-pregnancy weight loss.

Without any further delay, let’s check out the magic foods that must be included in your post-pregnancy diet.

post pregnancy diet

1. Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and new mommy should have it a little early in the morning. It should be freshly cooked using all nutritious ingredients. Pour a spoonful of ghee on your breakfast. Breastfeeding mothers should also drink a cup of milk. It helps to boost the breastmilk and provides necessary calcium as well.

Breakfast options:

  1. Various porridges using chia seeds/semolina/ vermicelli/almonds
  2. Semolina Upama cooked with vegetables,
  3. Flattened rice/ poha,
  4. Dalia khichadi (Broken wheat cooked with vegetables)
  5. Vegetables paratha and curd
  6. Idli or Dosa with lentils sambhar
  7. Besan chilla and tomato chutney
  8. Dry fruit balls

Dry fruit balls essentially include dry fruits like almonds, cashew, raisins, dry dates, dry coconut, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds and ghee. Dry fruits provide necessary calcium for bones and iron-rich ingredients help to recover blood loss in delivery.

post-pregnancy diet

You can also add fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds in your post-pregnancy diet as they are great for lactating mothers. 

2. Lunch

Lunch should not be heavy. However, it must be nutritious to fulfil nursing mother’s and baby’s nutrition requirements. Try to take lunch at around 12.30- 1 pm so that you can have your evening snacks and milk. Take one glass of buttermilk after your lunch. It aids in digestion. Also, make sure to eat a bowl of lentils every day.

Lunch options

Chapatti / Vegetable paratha

Vegetable rice or plain rice

Bowl of lentils

Vegetable curry (Include more green leafy vegetables)

Rice and vegetable curry with lentils

Dosa with sambhar and vegetable stir fry

post pregnancy diet


Have light snacks at around 5-6 pm. Make sure to take the second cup of milk (first cup of milk in the morning) with your snacks.

Snacks options:

Any fresh seasonal fruit

Sesame and jaggery balls

Bread toast with butter

A bowl of cereals

Dry fruits like almonds, dry dates

Puffed rice

Vegetable sandwich

Vegetable soup

post-pregnancy diet


Let your dinner be light and early at 7.30 -8.30. Maintaining the same time of your meals every day helps you and your baby to have a routine. Include easy digesting foods in your platter such as the following.

Dinner options:

Rice and lentils

Chapatti and vegetables

White millet roti and vegetable curry 

Rice and lentils cooked with vegetables (Khichadi)

Vegetable soup and whole wheat bread

Vegetables stir fry and whole wheat bread.

Have a spoonful of Mukhawas made up of carom seeds, fennel seeds and cloves. It helps to boost breast milk supply.

5.Drinking water

Along with the balanced diet drinking water is important in the postpartum period. Drinking enough water is important for breastfeeding mothers as water is required for producing enough breast milk.


  1. Make sure to boil and filter the drinking water to avoid any waterborne diseases.
  2. it’s recommended to drink lukewarm or room temperature water for first few weeks after delivery. For lukewarm water boil and cool water to the required temperature and store in a thermos flask.

Drink this lukewarm water throughout the day.

Foods To Avoid In Your Post Pregnancy Diet

Spicy and oily food

Smoking or drinking

Heavy and difficult to digest foods

Junk food that includes MSG

Food with preservatives

Carbonated drinks

Extreme cold fruit juice during this period.

Along with maintaining your post-pregnancy diet, ample rest is also necessary for faster recovery from delivery. Many babies stay awake during the night and sleep in a day. Take a short nap of 30 minutes whenever baby sleeps during a day. Talk with your doctor and start a light exercise like walking after a few months.

Do you have any other suggestions for a post-pregnancy diet? Do leave them in the comments.

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