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Nursery Rhymes For Your Child! 8 Reasons Why Every Parent Needs Them!

If you’re a mom, your YouTube feed is probably filled with uncountable nursery rhymes!

Being a mom, especially a SAHM, is, in fact, more than just breastfeeding when required or changing diapers. It’s also about filling our screens with nursery rhymes videos. Like many other mothers, I too have imposed strict limitations on screen times, with a maximum of thirty minutes. But, whenever I do that, it’s all about those good old classic nursery rhymes. These beautiful verses can never be a matter of past. And trust me, they shouldn’t be!

nursery rhymes

If you too are a new mom and are looking for some exciting ways to entertain your child, either via screen or by books, nursery rhymes have to be your game. Still confused? Well, then today I give you some of the best reasons why nursery rhymes should be an essential part of your kid’s lifestyle. And you will definitely agree with me!

First Stories

Whether it’s Jack And Jill or about the London Bridge, every nursery rhyme has a tiny story underneath. Making your kids listen to them inculcates their love for stories. I sincerely wanted to read some mini-stories aloud to Humayra but soon realized reciting these age-old rhymes can be a lot better. The rhythm helps to catch her attention while the short lines help her keep entertained longer.

Teaches First Morals

Have you ever realized almost every nursery rhyme is loaded with moral lessons? Yep, it is!

For instance, Baa Baa Black sheep teaches us the concept of sharing by telling how the sheep love giving her bags to three persons instead of just one. On the other hand, we have Incy Wincy Spider telling us the importance of trying again and again. 

Aren’t morals important? I am sure they are!

nursery rhymes

Helps Building Vocabulary

This is probably my favourite part! With different stories and plots, nursery rhymes help in building a stronger vocabulary. Goes without saying better the vocabulary, better social conversations and better writing skills.

Helps Them Love Books

I still remember my mother saying that she used to recite nursery rhymes for us (because it was an age of no-technology) and soon she made us read books. As a result, my brother and I soon turned to be bookworms.

nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes exactly does that! These poems pave an easier and a healthy way for babies and kids to develop the first love for books, a passion that can never be too old.

Helps In Boosting Language Development

I had been reciting nursery rhymes since Humayra’s first month. It was altogether a different issue though that she was unable to sleep for several other reasons.

I am not saying that reciting tons of nursery rhymes WILL make you child speak sooner. I used to do that almost daily until finally, Humayra started with her speech only after 14 months. But do you know something? One of the first verses were “Twinkle twinkle little star.” And that made me feel that my efforts were never wasted.

Helps In Building Creativity

Every time I recite a nursery rhyme, I try explaining what I am talking about. But it’s just not that easy to enter a toddler’s brain.  

Which means when you recite a nursery rhyme or read one, even with some pictures, you make your child think deeply and this results in boosting her creativity.

nursery rhymes

Act out rhymes or just show them the stars, nursery rhymes always help in boosting a child’s creative mode, something that can be really helpful in the future.

Improves Physical Development

Incy Wincy Spider climbs up the wall and Humayra does that with her tiny fingers.

The little star twinkles so do my girls hands. She opens and closes her palms, thus giving a twinkling gesture. Cute enough!

And when the Johny is eating sugar, she nods her head gesturing as  “No Papa!”

Nursery rhymes help so much in developing physical movements and coordinating motor skills. Your child definitely needs them!

Better Baby Bonding

Last, but definitely not the least, nursery rhymes have helped so much in building a bond with my baby. Quite often I relied on my smartphone to let her learn the rhymes. But soon I realized what if I actually contributed a little bit of my energy by reciting and acting nursery rhymes.

nursery rhymes

Doing that not only helped me kick off the screen addiction but also helped in developing a better bonding with my daughter. Something that I just love!

See, how nursery rhymes can be helpful! Next time, you want to entertain your child, you know what to do. Just give them a book of nursery rhymes or start playing a couple of them. Or just simply act it out. Trust me the results will be great and would be definitely beneficial in the long run.

Do you love nursery rhymes too? If so, which one is your favourite? Tell me in the comments!

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