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8 New Year Resolutions That Are Realistic And You Can Actually Keep!

So, it’s again THAT time of the year. It’s ending and we’re back to get ready for another fresh start, with another year and with another set of new year’s resolutions.

But, here’s the deal!

Not before it’s already February, almost each one of us is back to the old times because let’s face it, it’s not easy to stick along with new year resolutions.

And the main reason behind this is because we don’t become realistic humans. Instead, we set up sky-high new year resolutions that are quite almost every time, pretty much impossible to stick by.

PEOPLE! It’s seriously HIGH TIME to focus on realistic goals that can actually focus on self-improvement!

So, in light of this realization, I have come up with some really easy and simple self-improvement goals, especially for moms. Ones that are achievable, easy, self-improving and most importantly, realistic.

new year resolutions

Be Kind To Yourself

This one goes without saying. As mothers, our lives more often revolve ONLY around our families. Without realizing the fact, that, in the end, WE MOTHERS are actually the real backbones of our families.

With each day passing, we tend to accomplish everything possibly good for our spouses and our children. All along, forgetting to take care of ourselves.

This new year, let’s pledge to make it slightly different. We need to start nurturing our health and personal lives before it’s too late.

Enjoy a few cookies every now and then. Go alone for a brisk walk. Make your favourite meal every now and then. Just do what you love every once a while. Trust me, that can have huge positive changes in your health and your personal life.

Forgive Yourself

And that directly makes me talk about the next resolution. Which is to forgive yourself.

See, before we are mothers or just anyone, we are essentially humans.

As a result, we make mistakes.

But quite often, we blame ourselves for our mistakes. EVEN when we are at no fault!


It’s high time to understand that making mistakes is what defines humans from the rest of the species. Instead of consistently blaming yourself, learn from your mistake. Try thinking about ways to avoid doing that again. And eventually, focus on improving yourself.

new year resolutions

So, the next time, you burn a sandwich or forget something, don’t think about punishing yourself by working out even harder. No, I am not talking about being lazy. I am just telling you to be smarter. Just admit, you did something wrong and put an end to it.

Just forgive yourself!

Be More Patient

I can’t even…tell you how much I need this!

Frankly speaking, the most difficult part of being a mother is being patient.

More than anything it’s patience that actually makes you a good or a bad mother.

This year, make sure you gain an upper hand when it comes to losing your cool. Here’s one simple tip that actually helped me be more patient.

Every time your kid does something or your husband goes into an argument with you, slowly say these words to yourself,

“This too shall pass!”

Trust me, it WILL work!

Control Anger

And when attaining patience is one of your new year resolutions, you just can’t miss out this one as well.

Controlling anger had always been so so so tough for me. Not at all exaggerating!

But slowly, aiming primarily to be more patient, I actually have succeeded in controlling anger even in the most heated situations.

how to stay calm

Like the above new year resolutions, you can or rather should go slow with this one as well. Here are some REAL practical tips to control your anger:

  • Once you realize you’re about to burst out, sit down and drink a glass of water.
  • Keep your head up for at least ten seconds.
  • Try distracting yourself from it by picking out some other issue/topic.

Here are some more anger controlling tips that will surely help you.

Being Consistent

Every time you start doing anything of these above tips or even just any random good productive habit or even just a simple hobby, make sure to be consistent with that.

See, it’s simple. All your efforts irrespective of anything good that you choose to do will eventually be futile if you are not consistent.

Being consistent is THE key to be successful in almost any field.

Do you want to lose weight? Exercise and maintain diet every day.

Do you want to control your anger? Follow anger management and self-control every day.

Do you want to be a better human? Try being more patient every day.

Any new habit takes around 60 consecutive days to eventually cultivate. Missing out a couple of days just can’t work. You got to get it to yourself so much that it becomes a part of you.

Trust me, it indeed pays off to be consistent!

Reward Yourself

And when you’re already consistent with any new productive habit, don’t miss out rewarding yourself.

If you realize that you have actually become more patient, treat yourself by anything simple but that can make you happy.

You can buy yourself a new dress that you always had been waiting for. Or you can even just make a meal that’s exclusively your favourite.

Just make sure that your rewards are in line with your new habits.

Stop Comparing

It took a while to understand this, but once I got it my life just became better.

Stop comparing your body, your marriage, your child, your job, a.k.a your life with anyone else.

See, your life is yours. There’s a reason why it’s not like the others and vice versa. So, instead of comparing it with others and whining everything about it, focus on improving it.

The new mother you just saw today had a great figure post-delivery might be having some real physical issues that you’re unaware of.

The child you saw who’s always obeying everyone might have been suffering from depression or anxiety.

new year resolutions

So stop comparing!

Everyone is having a struggle of their own. That they are just beautifully hiding from the world.

So stop comparing!

Spend Less Screen Time

Okay, okay we’re talking about new year resolutions and not just any kind preaching! I know that!

But am I wrong when I say that screen time is just overtaking our lives!

Why do we HAVE to update what are we having in dinner?

Why do we HAVE to post how great our holidays have been with our baby?

Why do we HAVE to post where we are flying for our honeymoons?

Because that’s what social media wants you to do!

Trust me, even I had been a huge social media addict until my husband actually made me realize how futile is it!

new year resolutions

Increased use of screen time is undoubtedly harmful in so so many ways. I lessened its usage not just for myself but also for my daughter. And trust me, I am so much at peace.

My toddler girl’s sleep schedule improved. Yes, it actually happened!

So, this year make sure to do the same for your family. Try spending less screen time and adopting classic simple hobbies and I can actually bet you would thank me.

So, these are some of the ideas that I personally think would be apt as new year resolutions. Tell me below which one is your favourite and can’t wait to try it out.


Till then…




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  1. Wonderful and inspiring post. I really want to control my anger and be more patient, will try your tips. Thank you.

    1. Nazia Afreen

      TYSM for liking the post! And hey, wish you a very happy new year 2019!

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