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Check Out Which Beauty Products Your Bag Should ALWAYS Have!

Every woman’s handbag is no less than a mystery and, of course, a treasure trove. A college goer or a working woman, you never know when you need to glam up. Lest you face any kind of unwanted drastic situation, here we have rounded up a list of must-have beauty products that your bag should definitely own.

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Since always, I just L-O-V-E-D kajal! I mean this is that ultimate one of the leading beauty products that can easily pump your entire look just with one stroke. The power that a pair of dark bold eyes has is just unmatchable.

beauty products

For kajal, since years I have been a huge fan of Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal. Budget-friendly. Check. Durability. Check. Intensity. Check. With just one stroke, it stays for around 8-12 hrs. Of course, there are always others in the market like Faces, Plum, Lakme and Revlon. But for those who are little tight on budget, the classic Colossal is the one.

In case, you are more into eyeliner and kajal, get yourself a kajal-cum-eyeliner product. Whether you got a client meeting or an unplanned hangout, it is bound to glam your eyes instantly.


And when the kajal is done, it’s definitely mascara! With just a couple of generous and, of course, proper coats, you can easily refresh your tired eyes. Highlighting your eyelashes and working quite like a quick fix, mascara actually has the power to give an intense dynamic look.

beauty products

Like kajal, for mascara too, I largely rely on Maybelline. Hyper Curl Volum Express, Lash Sensational, Magnum Barbie, Falsies Push Up, Colossal Volume Express! The list is just too long! The other leading names in the shelf include L’Oreal, Oriflame, Avon, Colorbar and Revlon.

With just a combination of these two aformentioned beauty products, you can easily pump up your dull tired look and can be ready for a sudden celebration.


Which woman doesn’t love lipstick! At least, I haven’t met any! A good lasting lipstick has the power to make you feel conquer the world. Yeah, that was a bit of exaggeration though, but ladies, let’s admit it that feeling is more or less the same!

beauty products

When it’s about having lipsticks, you have multiple brands like Lakme, Maybelline, L’Oreal and MAC. But before having one, make sure you are comfortable in it. While some prefer nudes, some love reds. Some love glossy, some are huge fans of matte or creamy matte! Know your skin tone and undertone and get that right shade.

BB Cream

Undoubtedly, a BB cream is one the essential beauty products that your bag must possess. From coverage to protection, a BB cream is always your skin’s best friend.

Apply a generous amount of BB cream and dab a lipstick and you’re ready for any meeting or a casual date. To further dramatize your look,  apply thick strokes of kajal only on your lower lash line and add on that mascara. You are all set to be the ultimate diva!

One of the most important things before getting any BB cream is to get the right shade. A wrong shade will only make you look horrible, by either lightening your face or darkening it. Apart from that, also make sure that it has SPF, that can further help you protect your skin under the sun.

Lip Balm

Yes, because nourishing your lips is really, really important! If you’re one of those who are not too much into lip colours or lipsticks, make sure to definitely have a lip balm. Goes without saying no one likes seeing chapped lips. In case, you like colours, choose a tinted lip balm. Not only will it help un nourishing your lips but will also give your lips the glam of glossiness.

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Applying anything to a plain parched skin is like painting anything on a dry cracked surface. Apart from helping create a smooth palette, a good moisturizer helps in keeping your skin hydrated, thus preventing it to dry out.

 While buying a moisturizer, check out for the “oil-free” and/or “noncomedogenic” terms. The latter’s cosmetic meaning stands for “not clogging or “won’t clog your skin pores.” If possible, get a moisturizer that comes backed with an SPF protection.

Face Wash

The primary key that leads to a healthy skin is clean skin. Keeping a face wash handy can help you refresh yourself during humid or hot days. Apart from that, it also helps get rid of pollutants that get accumulated. Get yourself one of those handy mini tubes or bottles and you are all set to go ahead.

beauty products


Your entire appearance and presentation can fall easily flat if you don’t smell good. Especially for those, who sweat a lot, keeping a good perfume or at least a deodorant is totally mandatory. A good fragrance also helps in uplifting your mood with just a couple of sprays.

beauty products

Setting Powder

Available in different formulations, a setting powder is definitely one of the must-have beauty products that your bag should have. Available in loose and pressed forms, though the latter would be the better option for your bag, this one product can absorb all the oil instantly, thus leaving a fresh look. If you want to have a lasting and an instant fresh glowy look, do NOT forget this.

Oil blotting sheets or Wet/Facial Wipes

If you are already a new mother, you would probably always have it. Lol! Doesn’t matter whether your skin is oily, dry or a combination of both. A couple of good quality oil blotting sheets or wet wipes can instantly freshen you up. Wipe off your face and you can instantly get off with those unwanted oil and dirt. After all, not everywhere you can get time to wash your face with water.

beauty products

With that being said, next time you go out, don’t miss out these beauty products. These can, indeed, be disaster-saviours. If there’s any other product that you feel I have missed out, feel free to mention in the comments below. And, if you really liked this post or if you feel you should share this with someone you know, hit that share button NOW! Till then, ciao!

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