Mother’s Day 2018
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Mother’s Day 2018 Special! Four Women, Four Cultures! One Role- MOTHER!

Mother’s Day 2018 is already here! And it indeed feels so great to be a part of the awesome roller-coaster journey called- Motherhood!

I was so confused and puzzled as to how can I make this Mother’s Day 2018 a special one. Because I really wanted to make it special to the core. So, I finally decided to give those general “tips” posts a ditch for a while. Instead, I chose to give you people some real stories and words from real moms.

Mother’s Day 2018

It doesn’t matter if you’re expecting or are already a mother. Each of these extracts is filled with real emotions that are bound to empathize and touch your hearts.

A C-Section Mother Is Never A Mother!

I had to undergo an emergency C-section due to the sudden decrease of baby’s movements in my womb. As a result, after delivery, I was lying on the bed like a corpse bleeding and sleeping while my body was literally cut apart. But, that didn’t make me a mother because I underwent a C-section. Apparently, the pain is always less and always inferior.

Mother's Day 2018

My girl was no good sleeper and is still not, ( I don’t quite regret it) as a result, my schedule often gets chaotic. Which in turn often makes stressed out and often brings back the slight pain on my cut and sometimes on my injected anaesthetic area as well. Even after six months. I was and still am, body-shamed because I haven’t yet shed that post-delivery weight after my C-section delivery. Coughing and sneezing are painful too even after a year.

Mother's Day 2018

But a C-section mother is never a mother.


And that is probably my first confession as a new mother on this Mother’s Day 2018

I was cut, torn, stitched, bleeding, in pain, breastfeeding, changing diapers, losing sleep, suffering from anxiety, postpartum depression and… judged!

Because I am a C-Section mother!



I never cared about these because everything is worth it when it comes to seeing that precious priceless smile on my girl’s face! 

Mothers Day 2018


The Best Thing That Ever Happened…!

When I found out I was pregnant, I was beside myself. I mean I knew it could happen, but it was definitely not a planned thing. I was unsure of how to handle the situation but I knew the right thing to do. My boyfriend and I decided that we were going to move forward with the pregnancy and get married. It was a crazy transition in my life, going from single to a relationship to now pregnant and married. Let’s just say we were no traditional couple. It was definitely not the direction I thought my life was going to go in. But, I would never, ever, ever, have wished for anything else in my life.

Mother's Day

It is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I would never change it for the world.


Being a mom has made a better person and I have lived and learned so much in the past 5 years that I am so glad this is the direction that was chosen for my life.

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Jennifer is the owner of working mom blog Teach.Workout.Love. Along with blogging + freelance writing, she is a toddler mom, an army wife and a full-time teacher. Jennifer lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves travelling, yoga, the beach and everything organic. Her blog is Teach.Workout.Love. You can also catch her up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Epitome of selflessness!


Momentarily, I was unconscious. On gaining consciousness, I heard the baby cry. And was filled with immense happiness and tears burst out from my eyes, as she was my baby!

It was then, at that moment, I realized the true importance of being a mother. 


Over the course of time, during the upbringing of my daughter, I started appreciating the tremendous patience, which my mother has and started connecting with her every day at an emotional level.

I continue to appreciate my mother’s calmness and am awestruck by her tenacity. I too, hope to imbibe these good virtues from my mother to help me raise my daughter with patience, selflessness and culinary prowess!

Mother's Day 2018

For my Amma, her children are her world. Similarly, my world revolves around my daughter!

On this Mother’s Day 2018, I salute to all the mothers in the world for being caring, loving, strong and above all selfless!!


Happy Mother’s Day, 2018!!

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Aparna Parinam is a pharmacist by profession, a food and culinary mom blogger and a travel lover. Her newly-found passion is to make delicious dishes continues that resulted in her vegetarian food blog at Tangy Tales. You can also like and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ for catching latest aromatic updates up on her food blog.

A letter to my Daughter


Dear Princess,

You came into my life and made it so beautiful that I never could imagine. Darling, you made me identify the real me. Even at this tender age, you are so caring and loving. You understand me so well and have finally made me realize the significance of being a mother on this Mother’s Day 2018.

Most of the time, I realize that I am a bit strict and disciplined momma. Trust me dear; it’s only for your betterment. I know it when someone tags me with the title of “Hitler Momma’ or “strict momma’, but I don’t care when it comes to your upbringing. It’s just that I want you to become independent and smart from this young age. I just can’t let anyone misguide you or ignore you while you are sitting helpless and dependent.

Mother's Day 2018

Dear, we are living in a very cruel society, and I do not want you to be a victim of any cruelty.


I am always there with you to make you understand what is good and what is right. I want you to learn what conscience is.

For me motherhood is not only limited to feeding and nursing you, rather it is a making of a kid with strong and independent willpower, who cannot be misled by anyone.


Therefore, on this Mother’s Day, 2018, if anyone feels that being strict and disciplined is wrong, then I am happy to be wrong!

Bless you, dear

Only Yours,

Hitler Momma

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Samidha Mathur is a mother of two beautiful daughters who inspired her to become a Blogger. She is enjoying her life in Mumbai with her family. Her motherhood journey and a passion to write has made her blog Lovely Tiny Things. You can also LIKE and FOLLOW her on Facebook and Twitter for updates on her posts.

Each of these mothers shares a different language, different culture and a different cuisine. But what binds us is the most special role that ever existed in the entire world, being a MOTHER.

Happy Mother’s Day 2018!

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