#MeToo Expands! 10 Big Bollywood Names Accused Of Sexual Harassment!

Since last around two months, the web has been sufficing me with tons of #MeToo stories. Stories and confessions of real Bollywood celebs. And trust me, all the while, especially after the latest Tanushree Dutta sexual harassment case, it’s actually sad to know that even some of your most respected celebs can be oblivious of the word “consent.” It seems Bollywood is all bent to give me more reasons to hate it even more.

As the #MeToo movement is attracting more steam, more and more ladies of the B-industry have now come with their stories, thus revealing some real big names. Take a look at some of the names that just got revealed as being accused of sexual harassment.



Alok Nath

Now, this was a total shocker for me at least! Since my childhood, I have seen Mr.Nath playing the epic “babuji” role in the big and small screen. In a long heartbreaking Facebook post, Vinta Nanda, writer-producer of “Tara”, a 1990s show accused Alok Nath with rape charges, with suggestive remarks like “sanskaari” and “lead actor.” The words directly targeted Alok Nath who’s most popularly known as the “sanskari babuji” by the whole country.



Here’s the Facebook post of Vinta Nanda.

Nanda wrote, “ He was an alcoholic, shameless and obnoxious but he was also the television star of that decade, so not only was he forgiven for all his bad behaviour, many of the guys would also egg him on to be his worst.”

After Nanda’s allegations, several other women like Sandhya Mridul and Navneet Nishan also alleged the man in terms of sexual harassment. Read here for Sandhya Mridul’s story.

Varun Grover

A former student of IIT BHU has claimed that Varun Grover had sexually assaulted her back in 2001. The lady has claimed that Sacred Games held her quite inappropriately while they were practising for a play.



To this, Grover has also issued a thorough and detailed statement explaining his stand on these allegations.

Gaurang Doshi

The silent villain or the ghost of the latest flick “Stree”,  Flora Saini also opened up with her terrors that she faced back in 2007. In a Facebook post, she reveals how Gaurang Doshi, whom she was dating back then abused her. While sharing her pics, she says, “That’s me.. Valentine’s day 2007 beaten up by a known producer ‘Gaurang Doshi’ who I loved n was dating then .. this was the last of the one year abuse I took..came out with a fractured jaw n a scarred soul for life..”



Vikas Bahl

One of the female workers of Phantom alleged the renowned filmmaker Vikas Bahl of sexual harassment at her Goa’s hotel room. According to a report, the woman even reached out to Anurag Kashyap, one of the partners of the Phantom Films, but no action took place against the alleged.

Soon after these allegations, Kangana Ranaut, the lead actor of the 2014 blockbuster, “Queen,” opened up. Accordingly, Bahl often made her uncomfortable.



Kangana said, “Every time we met, socially greeted and hugged each other, he’d bury his face in my neck, hold me really tight and breathe in the smell of my hair. It took me a great amount of strength and effort to pull myself out of his embrace. He’d say ‘I love how you smell K’. I could tell something is wrong with him”.

Utsav Chakrabarty

Mumbai comedian, Utsav Chakrabarty also found himself in a Twitter storm. Accordingly, he sent his nude pictures., thus opening a wide floodgate replete with criticisms and accusations.

Kailash Kher

Yes, a shocker for me amidst the #MeToo movement!

A female journalist has reportedly accused the singer saying, “ This creep kept his hand on my thigh.”

Defending the statement, he said, “For all those who know me and have come across me, will know how much I respect humanity, especially women, even more for the ones who work in media since their work is difficult.”


“I am almost all the time in my own simple world, but in case anyone has taken or thought something differently about anything, then it is my sincere apology. My devotion to music makes me who I am and I am thankful for all the love and support,” he said.

Rajat Kapoor

With two women’s blames for inappropriate behaviour, Rajat Kapoor is the next name who too got accused under terms of sexual harassment.

A journalist sharted her telephonic interview details where the actor has allegedly asked if she was indeed “as sexy as she sounds,” along with asking her to for her “vital stats.”



Defending this, Rajat Kapoor issued an apology on Twitter by stating, “All my life I have tried to be a decent man, to do the right thing. If however, I have slipped and through my actions or words caused pain or hurt or trauma to absolutely anybody, please accept my apology.”

Chetan Bhagat

Leading Indian author, Chetan Bhagat too got himself enrolled as an accused in the #MeToo movement. Accordingly, a woman had shared certain screenshots of WhatsApp conversations that occurred between them. Confronting it, Chetan Bhagat soon issued an apology over Facebook.



Anu Malik

Singer Shweta Pandit has opened up with her #MeToo story against celebrated music director Anu Malik. She has accused Malik of harassing her via a long Twitter post when she was just 15 YO. She explained her ordeal and has called Malik as “paedophile.”



Aditi Mittal

The iconic female stand-up comic artist Aditi Mittal was also not spared amidst the #MeToo movement. The comic star Kaneez Surka has accused Mittal of having forcefully kissed her and putting her “tongue in my mouth.” Aditi immediately apologised Surka and termed her behaviour as a “joke.”

Nana Patekar

And finally because of whom the entire series sparked up, Nana Patekar!

Actor Tanushree Dutta opened up with her #MeToo story that happened 10 years ago in the sets of Horn Ok Pleasss.

The actor has denied all the accusations along with cancelling the press conference that he had initially planned to address about the sexual harassment accusation.



Did I miss out anyone’s name? If you know about any other Bollywood celebrity who too was embroiled in the #MeToo movement, let me know in the comments. 

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