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Marrying An Engineer Might Not Be Bad! These Reasons Will Tell You Why!

From being the ultimate source of all kinds of hacks to handling some serious life issues, engineers are, undoubtedly, totally indispensable.

While being professionally outstanding in their own way, not many though know about their romantic or say, consistent side as well. No matter how confusing you may think they sound, there can be lots of compelling reasons that can actually prove that it can be awesome to marry an engineer.

Don’t believe it? Well then, read on…

1. They are the baap of “jugaads“/hacks!

Yes, they indeed are! Your induction stove just got screwed or your musical doll doesn’t sing anymore? Fret not! As long as you have an engineer back at your nest, you are perfectly cool. Engineers can actually fix almost everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

an engineer

2. They are smart

Yes, they actually are! Calculations or philosophy or just about life principles, they are actually V-E-R-Y smart. While you may scratch your head thinking about how fixing an issue, an easier solution is already awaiting him. Been there, faced that! 

an engineer


3. Organization is their synonym

No, by this I don’t necessarily mean having a clean house altogether. Their exact idea of organized may not match as per the conventional concepts. However, from planning ahead to having a proper strategy, their life is actually more sorted out than the rest of us. 

an engineer

4. Absorbing stress is quite their forte

From enjoying a Herculean syllabus during their college to handling an entire continent’s maintenance, no big deal! Brains of engineers are exclusively programmed to dexterously handle stress. In fact, they can even predict consequences of an issue. Just name it!

an engineer

5. Long-term relationships are their thing

4 yrs or 10 yrs! The above-mentioned forte further lets them keep calm even in their relationships. From bearing their wives’ tantrums to being silent even during the most enraging moments, they know how to handle any extreme situation. That too, with ease!

an engineer

6. Chill with loyalty!

Engineers are too busy to cheat on you! They have to handle projects, commit to deadlines, handle boss (That’s a big one!), manage their teams, calculate, strategize and what not! Amidst all these, if they get some spare time, they breathe! So, ladies, never, ever doubt your engineer babu.

an engineer

7. They are creative

Almost every engineer has some kind of hidden creative talent in them. (Why not, because most of them didn’t choose engineering as a matter of choice.) 

an engineer

Writing, singing or just cooking, their hidden creativity is bound to unwrap when they are most romantic. Marry an engineer and get ready to be surprised again and again!

8. They are honest and humble

Engineers are known to work in situations where trials-and-errors are common. As a result, they often need to reevaluate their mistakes and reconsider their strategies frequently. Likewise, when they are in a relationship, they always prefer staying humble and honest. They will accept their mistakes and when required will definitely apologize. 

an engineer

9. They are practical

Having faced countless challenges daily, they tend to think logically. As a result, they prefer planning ahead. Weekend getaway, cooking for dinner, shopping your groceries or planning your finances! Engineer believe in planning instead of spontaneous working out. 


an engineer

10. They are charmers

In spite of handling stress regularly, they literally take out ample quality time for their family. They can surprise you when you least expect it! What more can you want!

an engineer

Date or marry an engineer and get ready to enjoy a roller-coaster life! They are indeed the B-E-S-T!

Did I miss anything? Feel free to write it in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to share this post and tag your engineer friend or hubby! Share the happiness!

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