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I Delivered A Baby Girl And I Am Not Happy! Here’s Why!

2017 has definitely been one of the best years to date. Ask why? Because I was assigned with the most respectable and the most loved jobs of the world-being a mother. That first cry of my angel was more than just priceless. But amidst all the happiness and celebration, I was disappointed. The reason is plain and simple.

Because I delivered a baby girl!

baby girl


Yes, you read that right! I know being a woman, belonging to a liberal and educated family, this is not expected of me. Yes, when my gynaecologist declared my baby’s gender, I was totally worried and upset.

baby girl

But wait… before you start judging me, let me clarify it’s not because I consider sons as “assets.” It’s more than that! Want to know…keep scrolling!

1. Because she’s unsafe

From Nirbhaya to four YO assault in Kolkata’s leading school, girls are just NOT safe. Regardless if she’s in a school uniform or clad in a burkha, my girl shall always feel threatened.

baby girl

Every time I am online, my news feed is always flooded with more news of sexual assaults, molestations, rapes, cyber abuse and what not. From wombs to schools, the predators are just everywhere! Can anyone give me a guarantee for my little doll’s safety?

baby girl

Can anyone assure that she can chill out anytime and anywhere? If the answer is always a “NO”, well that pretty much explains my disappointment.

baby girl

2. Because she has to choose

Whoa! No, we aren’t talking about freedom of choices. Born as a baby girl asserts her to choose between career and family. Because, apparently, she just can’t handle both of them. And even, if she chooses one over the other, she will be soon considered a failure with respect to her rejected choice.

baby girl

3. Because she will be judged. ALWAYS!

Doesn’t matter if I raise her in a town or a city, my girl will always be judged everywhere! If she wears a saree or salwar kameez, she will be mocked upon for not being modern. If she chooses pants or jeans, she will be defined as an attention-seeker. If she covers her head, she would be threatening the humanity. No matter what, she will always be judged, based on everything like her looks, her financial status and her education.

baby girl

4. Because she is a “liability”

Okay, so we have a baby girl which means we are supposed to pack everything and keep all our money safe. Because apparently we are supposed to save everything to get her married off.

baby girl

Being a girl, she is not an asset, irrespective of the fact that she’s no less than a gem for us. We aren’t supposed to give her higher education and establish her own career. After all, she is not ours. She is a “paraya dhan.”

baby girl


Oh, yes did I just say we must get her married off before she’s twenty-five. Girls who get married later do that either because

  1. Her parents weren’t able to “control” her or
  2. She might have had been in a “relationship”. Yes, that’s okay for boys, but never for girls!

5. Because she always needs to be fair and “beautiful”

From fairness creams to turmeric, my daughter must always ensure that she is fair and downright beautiful. Because, apparently, you can only be “beautiful” if you’re fair. Dusky or dark-complexioned ladies are actually worse because they are not “marriage material.”

baby girl

6. She will be subjected to gender discrimination

Be it in her office or back at school, my girl will always be subjected to do everything “girly.” She has to wear a pink saree instead of a black kurta. Her company, probably, will pay her lesser salary, in spite of performing better than her male colleagues. And, of course, her primary aim in life has to be making round “rotis.”

baby girl

7. Because her education will be useless

Born as a girl, her education and qualifications are just futile. When she finally decides to tie the knot, her “talents” will always be based on her height, complexion and, of course, our financial status.

baby girl

8. Because she will be expected to deliver a son

The cycle is always the same. Even if she successfully passes each of the above conditions, finally she is expected to deliver a “son.” Because like again, a girl is always a “paraya dhan.” What’s good to have a girl child and educate her, when finally she will finally leave us! Just a waste of money, right!

baby girl

Hope these reasons pretty much explained my distress of having a baby girl. As a mother of a daughter, do you feel the same? Do you feel happy yet upset because of having a girl? If yes, share this article. Also, don’t forget to tag the other mothers.

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