how to stay calm

How To Stay Calm In The MOST Extreme Situations! 6 Proven Tips and Tricks!

Learning about how to stay calm is just so so so much more than self-control! Trust me, it is!

It’s not quite rare in life when you meet certain people who just seem to be born only to infuriate you. I mean yes, toxic people are just everywhere. They can be your room-partners or your friends or just even your colleagues. And one of the most common situations that I at least have often faced, when I had these kinds of people around is an unexpected anger outburst.

Amidst such situations, it can be quite a tad deal to calm yourself and at least sound sane.

But hey, that’s not always possible!

Because, let’s deal it, bursting out happens quite a lot of time.

So, what’s the deal? How to stay calm when you’re just on the verge of being a volcanic eruption?

Trust me, I too was often on the same boat as you are. However, certain tips and minor things helped me a big deal.

If you’re looking for some easy ways and solutions on how to stay calm even in an enraged boiling atmosphere, you might find these helpful.

how to stay calm

Drink Water

I. L O V E. W A T E R!!!

If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog, you might know I am a fan of drinking water. From being helpful to breastfeeding mothers to helping you stay healthy in summers, staying hydrated is more of a hobby for me. And yes, it’s also useful for calming you down.

how to stay calm

I remember I was such a short-tempered person when I was college. (Maybe I am still now.) And this one trick helped me so much.

Every time, I notice I am about to just burst out a lot, I used to grab a glass of water and empty it in just one go.

Trust me, this works every, every freaking time.

Try it!

Slow Deep Breaths

This one is definitely no shocker!

I personally used to do it because let’s admit it, I saw it in movies. But I never knew this actually works.

An old hat classic practice that had no explanation, taking deep slow breaths actually has calming effects on our brains. Proved by science as well, taking deep breaths seems to enact certain physical changes on our brains that further help to shift our emotional behaviour.

Leave The Place

Instead of trying to prove yourself right or just defend yourself, leaving the room can be a better idea!

Forcing yourself to leave the situation can help you completely get rid of the other person. Even if it’s for a temporary phase!

Instead of continuing an argument, just take a walk or a nice stroll in any nearby garden. If possible, try staying amidst natural surroundings. The serene nature always helps in soothing souls.

Indulge In Passion

This might shock some of you, but frankly speaking, being angry has always been productive for me!

Let me explain!

Almost every time, I am super outraged, I indulge in something I love. Most of the times, it’s always between writing and cooking. But for other moments, I finish off almost every chore that’s left out.

But whenever I divert myself to writing or cooking, it’s so much de-stressing. It helps to provide me with a typical sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Which further helps lighten down my entire mood.

Anger can easily bring on the hulk in you. Why not instead make the most of it by being totally engrossed in something productive?!

how to stay calm

Splash Cold Water

When looking for solutions for how to stay calm in the most infuriating situations, you just can’t miss out this one!

Just like drinking water, splashing cold water on your face can also help you lower down your temper.

Do try it!

Change The Topic

Okay, I know this one might seem impossible for many. But once after you’ve succeeded with the above tips, you can give this one a shot!

There’s this person who actually made fun of my postpartum weight and body. Needless to say, I was hurt and infuriated. But instead of going in for any kind of comment or just defence, I actually changed the topic.

And that helped A LOT!

Changing the topic often makes you and the other person’s mind get distracted which eventually means lesser debate!

Keeping Your Head Up

I don’t know if I am the only one on the planet who has experienced this! But keeping the head up has often helped me stay in control even in the most infuriating situations.

how to stay calm

Oftentimes when I indulge in a heated conversation or an argument, after a certain point, when I finally know I can just burst out, I keep my head. And trust me, due to some unknown reason I feel better, lighter and of course, calm.

So, people, these were some of my personal tips that I have practically used to keep myself under control. If you do know about more tips on how to stay calm in most adverse situations, do let me know.

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