how to save money as a mom

How To Save Money As A Mom! 8 Freaking Easy Money Saving Tips For Moms!

So, it’s already October 2018! I just wonder how does time actually fly! With tons of blogs and sites already posting on Halloween ideas, which indeed defines the fall month, I’ve decided to go a bit off-track and write about something more useful and more universal. Because apart from being the month of Halloween, October is also the official financial planning month. Based on that. today I will be writing on how to save money as a mom! Brace yourselves, ladies, to know some of the most basic and simplest money-saving hacks/tips ever!

how to save money as a mom

Cloth Over Paper Towels/Tissues/Wet Wipes

Okay, okay I know paper towels are actually super handy to grab. But trust me, they are actually not one of the cheapest things. Especially considering the fact, once used you need to throw them away!

how to save money as a mom

Instead, start using old rags. Start cutting smaller and handy rags from old t-shirts, towels and sheets. Try using the wipes for emergency purposes like travelling and shopping. Because you never when your baby smears her entire face with cocoa love.??

Go Creative

Being a new mom, it feels so tempting to buy almost every toy. Trust me, I still feel the same. But buying new toys can dig a hole in your pockets. Instead, try being creative. Try making new toys with your own imagination. One of my friends actually washed a plastic juice bottle and hung it in her room. It keeps dangling which entertains her 18-month son a lot.

how to save money as a mom

Go creative. Babies, toddlers and kids actually don’t understand the major difference between “kids’ toys” and “everyday objects.” Why not use unused safe stuff for the sake of their entertainment?

Buy In Bulk

This one is probably our favourite when it comes discussing how to save money as a mom. Instead of buying groceries or even baby products like diapers or formula milk, after every four days or so, get them in bulk. Buying in bulk not only helps saving bucks but also keeps you relaxed for a longer period of time.

how to save money as a mom

While buying just be careful of getting stuff that doesn’t get spoiled easily. And yes, don’t forget to check the best before and expiry dates as well!

Buy Store Brands

One of the best ways to be a smart shopper and knowing how to save money as a mom is to understand that brands always DON’T matter!

how to save money as a mom

Instead of always opting for big brand names for daily used goodies like dishwashing liquids, handwashes, aluminium foils and phenyls, choose the store’s brands. They are cheaper and most importantly DON’T always compromise with respect to quality standards.

Plant Your Meals

I got this hack from my in-laws and really wanted to share it with you guys!

What if you could get your favourite veggies back in your house that makes you save more money in the long run? It is indeed an exciting venture. Not only it is a financially savvy option but it’s also deliciously satisfying. Knowing that the vegetable or fruit that’s in your belly is homegrown by you and your family is actually one of the best feelings in the world.

how to save money as a mom

Stay Updated With Flyers

Ever since I have landed in Saudi, it became a task to get hold of the best offers. Thankfully one of my husband’s colleagues recommended using a flyer app. Such apps integrate all the best offers under one screen so as to ensure a better shopping experience. Do some research and try installing a well-rated flyer app based on your location. It will definitely help you save some good bucks.

While buying products on the latest offers, don’t forget to check the best before dates. Companies often hoard products on discounts and offer that is almost on the verge of their expiration dates. So, don’t miss doing that!

Wash Full Laundry

If you ask me about tips on how to save money as a mom, I can never ever miss this one!

I used to be that one mom who stuffed washing machines almost every morning. No, the problem is not with the morning. The real problem was I didn’t wait for a bigger pile of clothes. Please don’t do that!

Make sure to wash full loads as that way you can not only save some extra detergent but also time and water.

how to save money as a mom

Menstrual Cups

When it comes to periods, almost each of us has been handed with either sanitary napkins or tampons. But, hardly do we ever realize how less cheap they are. Instead of opting for these traditional methods, try menstrual cups.

how to save money as a mom

One menstrual cup may cost $15 as a starting price, which is actually quite an inexpensive choice when compared to sanitary napkins or tampons. The latter’s price may increase to more than $100  in just a year. On the other hand, one menstrual cup can last up to 10 years. Isn’t that great? Besides, since they are reusable, you shall be contributing a lot to saving the environment. Check here to know a brief yet detailed guide to know everything about menstrual cups.

So, that’s it? Now that you know how to save money as a mom tell us which tip is your favourite? If you too have any more tips, feel free to let me know in the comments.




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