how to make your baby sleep
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How To Make Your Baby Sleep? 9 Easy Tips For A Peaceful Bedtime!

So, it’s 12 a.m and your little one is still not asleep! And you’re super exhausted to even play with her. You feel like pulling your hair and killing yourself. I know that feeling ladies because I’ve been through it. And that brings out one of the most common and biggest questions that almost every mother has Googled over the web; the easiest ways to know how to make your baby sleep.

how to make your baby sleep

I don’t even remember how many times I have searched over the web trying to know about some of the best ways to make my baby sleep. I rocked, cradled, sang (terribly) and done what not. Yet, Humayra would often get up and start a sudden meltdown just right in the dead of the night.

But… finally, here I am! Understanding some of the basic criteria to make babies sleep! I didn’t follow any blog post or any kind of YouTube video. I have finally learnt to make my baby sleep all on my own. And having done that, I am here to help all the other mommies out there who want to learn the same. So, without much ado, let’s get it started.

Tummy Full

Aaah, I know, I know this one is just too common! But, trust me this one is really an underrated point as well!

You know when Humayra was exclusively breastfed, I used to dodge her to sleep while breastfeeding her. But soon, as she started to grow, I noticed, that didn’t make her sleep always. Reason- She was not full!

One of the biggest mistakes that I made with Humayra was giving her the same amount of food every day. What I didn’t realize as a new mom is the fact that while she is growing, so is her tummy!

how to make your baby sleep

Before trying to put your baby sleep make sure to give wholesome, healthy and the “right amount” of food.

Right Temperatures

Did you know babies actually sweat a lot? Obviously, you know that you’re a mum!

Before knowing how to make your baby sleep, you should always give a thought about the right temperature. Overheating your baby’s room can not only result in a disturbed sleep but can also result in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The most recommended room temperature is between the range of 16-22 degrees Celsius. I know that actually sounds quite chilly, but research has shown that it’s actually safe for babies.

how to make your baby


You mustn’t ask how to make your baby sleep if you DON’t use diapers! Period!

Okay, now this may sound quite weird and funny as well, but there are people still now who don’t use diapers, even at nights.





Please, please don’t do that. Diapers have actually been curated to ensure a good night’s sleep. So why skip using it? And ladies, if you’re actually conscious about going eco-friendly, you can always opt for the cloth diapers or the organic ones that help your baby stay dry while being totally eco-friendly.

how to make your baby sleep

If going economically is the issue, you can even opt for cloth diapers. They are safe, easy and really cost-efficient!

Change Diapers

And with that comes my next point! Change your baby’s diapers just before she goes off to sleep. You see you definitely won’t like to get up in the dead of the night just because the diaper you had used at 6 pm had become full at 12 a.m. Of course not!

how to make your baby sleep

Your baby’s skin remains fresher and drier for a longer period of time which ultimately results to a good night’s sleep.

Avoid Eye Contact

Please DO NOT take this for granted!

No matter what happens, do not establish any kind of, even the slightest of, eye contact with your baby. I have had actually taken this point for granted and had suffered so, so many times.

how to make your baby sleep

Establishing eye contact is actually a stimulating thing for your little angel which can often turn the tables. I often did it and that actually encouraged my girl to snap out from her sleep zone.

Avoid eye contact, excited or playful conversations and try keeping the interaction between you two as boring as possible.

Fewer Day Naps

I know daytime naps can often be tempting for all the mommies because only when the baby sleeps, the mom works.

But… you got to admit! The night sleep is the real big deal and you just don’t want to miss that.

Try keeping the day naps shorter and lesser like for an hr or two once, per day. This way your baby gets more time to play and jostle around thus helping her to get tired and exhausted by the end of the day.

how to make your baby sleep

Be Consistent

Consistency is also yet another key to knowing how to make your baby sleep!

You may have set a schedule for the entire week, but when it’s weekend, things change. You may be up all night with your baby playing, singing or dancing. And this may actually hamper her schedule.




Even the slightest change can badly hamper your baby’s sleeping schedule for a long period of time. Doesn’t matter how tempting it may seem, get your baby on her sleeping suits just when she needs to be.

how to make your baby sleep

Less Screen Light

Screen light is obviously a clear attraction for babies of all ages. So, make sure to get rid of them as soon as possible while setting the bedtime ritual. Phones, lappies, tablets, games or TVs, make sure they are totally off-distance at least before an hr.

how to make your baby sleep

If you do have to make urgent conversations, make sure to keep your phone in silent mode or better engage in text conversations.


I had always co-slept with my baby and it was definitely one of the best choices that I ever made.

Co-sleeping is one of the best hacks for knowing how to make your baby sleep for a longer period of time. Not only it helps you and your angel get a full night’s sleep even before she’s six months but also helps you both strengthen the bond.

how to make your baby sleep

So, pretty mommies, if you wanted to know about how to make your baby sleep, these are the ones. I have personally used these and have successfully set a good bedtime ritual and sleep for my girl. If I have missed out anything, do let me know in the comments. And if you feel this post does carry some useful information feel free to share it as much as possible.


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