hobbies to try out

Hobbies To Try Out When You’re Super Bored-8 Best No Technology Hobby Ideas!

Being a stay-at-home-mom I rarely get spare time. Being a new mom of a toddler, even a couple of minutes seem a huge reward. And it’s that time when I also get totally confused. Social media is definitely there, but, I personally at times badly prefer going off the hook. Thankfully, before getting married, especially in my teens, I did have a couple of hobbies when technology didn’t completely invade human mankind which I am eager to share with you people. So if you are looking for some of the cheapest and best hobbies to try out, congrats, you have just landed up in the right place. Without much ado, go ahead!

hobbies to try out

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Probably one of the best classic hobbies to try out! Call me old-school, but I cannot emphasize the importance of reading in everyone’s lives. Since childhood, I always had been a big addict of classics and fictions.

hobbies to try out

Reading is probably one of those intellectual hobbies that sharpens your brain along with improving your IQ as well. The pages make you travel to places, meet different cultured people, feel their emotions and make you see the world in others’ eyes. I would call that AMAZING! Here are some of the books that I love reading so, so much, even till date. Click on the images below to buy them.


If you’re not yet a book lover, I would suggest giving those pages a shot. Trust me, it might be the best hobby you would ever try out.


Having painting as your hobby cannot only bring forth your creativity and imaginative skills but also helps you to develop patience. I mean, it’s just not easy to unleash those feelings on the canvas in a couple of minutes. It might take hours or even days. But in the end, it’s definitely worth it.

hobbies to try out

Apart from that, painting also helps in increasing your concentration power just as it does to reading. And most importantly, it can also help you fight against depression.


While painting helps you vent your emotions through images, writing does the same but with words. Writing is personally one of my stress busters and my recommended hobbies to try out. It gives me relief after having jot down a couple of words that are directly or indirectly similar to my current situation. Writing like reading boosts your imagination, helps you stay calm and most importantly, helps you express yourself without anyone’s permission.

hobbies to try out

From poetry, one-liners, quotes, short stories and even blog posts, you have so many options to speak for yourself. Isn’t it great?! 

In case, you’re interested in reading some of my quotes and one-liners, catch me up on my official Instagram handle.


Okay, I know for most the SAHMs, cooking is a must-do chore. But once you treat it as a hobby, your daily meals can be a culinary delight.

hobbies to try out

Since a child, I loved cooking. It helps me try out new spices, new textures and most importantly create new dishes. Besides, cooking helps to make you more patient along with improving your concentration levels. In terms of relaxation, cooking does immense wonders to your brain as well by being an excellent stress-busting therapy. If you haven’t yet tried your hands on those ovens passionately, do give it a shot. Once you’re there completely, you’re going to love it.


Okay, with that I don’t necessarily mean you to be a full-time teacher. When I talk about teaching as a hobby, I mean doing that completely out of passion or for the sake of helping out.

Teaching not only helps you educate others but also keeps you updated with the latest teaching standards and education system. Before being a blogger and a freelance writer, I had been a private tutor. And trust me, that was such a great decision! While teaching school students in my spare time, I not only was able to make money but was also understand and see from a child’s perspective, which I hope will definitely become useful once my daughter grows up. Get along with it and you will surely love it.

hobbies to try


You may call it just a set of multiple stitches, but embroidery is actually more than just that. Our grannies used to love it and there are definite reasons for it. You can create new designs, need less investment and can even create handmade personalized gifts. But the best part is, for most SAHMs, you can still do it while your kids are playing or watching TV or just doing their homework. Definitely, one of the most classic hobbies to try out!

hobbies to try

Jewellery Making

Yet one of the best money-making and creative hobbies to try out! Jewellery Making!

Jewellery making is actually much easier than you think. All you need is the required materials and some creativity. With the right design, patience and of course, craftsmanship, you can even set up a business with it. Ain’t that exciting?


Yes, I actually mentioned it! Yoga is probably one of the healthiest and least expensive hobbies that you can pursue no matter where you are or who you are. From health benefits to bring in more productivity, less anxiety and depression and boosting more confidence, yoga can do so much more in your life. A must try indeed!

hobbies to try out

Click here for some of the best yoga poses that I personally used to try out.

So, which of these hobbies did you like the most? Let me know in the comments. And if do have a couple of classic hobbies to try out, that doesn’t require technology, let me know in the comments.

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