Happiness Is Everywhere! 10 Small Things That Can Actually Make You Genuinely Happy!

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness was probably an experienced fellow. Amidst a stressful life, one might think that being happy is only for the lucky or the rich ones. Whereas the reality is happiness actually lies in small things in life. Yes, the attainment of complete happiness is not possible but at least these small things can bring a momentarily genuine smile on your faces. What’s more? Just like my classic hobby ideas, these little things also doesn’t include technology. So what are these things that we often face yet don’t quite think about? Let’s check out!



Have you ever considered why most of the classic poets and writers compare feelings with natural objects? Because nature is probably one of the best things to have happened on the earth. From new leaves to even just a dog’s smile, Mother Nature has provided us with so many simple but beautiful things. Things that can actually make you smile within a second. From those falling leaves to those sunsets, all we need is to get our heads up from our screens to enjoy a multitude of happy elements surrounding us.


Birthday Wishes via Calls

This is something personally I feel great! Yeah wishing birthdays over a message or a post on the wall is actually easier because it hardly takes a second or so to type the wish. On the other hand, calling and wishing someone actually shows that you took time out of your busy schedule only to wish the other person a very happy birthday. And to me, at least that’s kinda special.

A Baby’s Smile

Of course, there’s no doubt in it. Babies are made of purity, innocence and genuine raw behaviours. Even after a bad day, a tiny smile on those cute angelic faces can bring instant happiness.

Have a doubt? Why not check this following GIF.



Waiter Bringing Food

Not all heroes wear capes. True indeed, because some of them wear uniforms dressed as waiters.

Nothing matches that feeling when you’re dead starving and the waiter soon shows up with your order. That aroma of hot steamed food along with the urge of pampering your taste buds is indeed an unmatched feeling altogether.



I had already mentioned meditation in ways to overtake depression and I had to mention it here as well. Since always I had been a big fan of meditation. Primarily because it has always been beneficial for both physical and mental health. When done regularly, meditation helps in dealing with stress and negativity thus bring more peace and happiness within you.


Making Someone Laugh

One of the best ways to experience pure happiness is to just make someone smile or even laugh. It feels good. It feels quite priceless. Am I wrong?



Finishing A Book

If you have been following my blog posts, you would have known by now that I am a die-hard book lover. And if you too are on the same boat, then you would know the happiness that comes along while finishing a book. Yes, I agree sometimes it does feel disheartening as well. But, all along there’s a unique kind of satisfaction which is simply incomparable.

Waking Up Before The Alarm

Waking up before your alarm the rings and getting to know that you can still sleep a bit more. B-E-S-T F-E-E-L-I-N-G E-V-E-R!

Getting Eight Hours Of Sleep

It was only after I became a mom when I realized the importance of sleep and how much underestimated it before. Getting a continuous eight hours sleep is, what I at least feel, a gift meant only for the lucky ones. And in case, you do get it, well that’s sheer happiness!




Petrichor is that earthy beautiful scent that is produced when the rain hits dry soil. I know was almost missing this one but thankfully I didn’t. Without a doubt, the earthy smell is fresh, vibrant and quite powerfully evocative. So much so that it can instantly make you feel good!


Which feeling does make you happy the most? Do you have any other experience to share that can make anyone equally happy? Let me know in the comments.

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