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Are You A “Good Girl?” Check Out If These Fit You!

“Beta, tumhe roti banana aata hai?”

{English- Do you know how to make rotis?(a kind of Indian bread)}

“No! But I know how to lead my marketing team!”

“Haaye Daiyaan!”

{English-Oh my goodness!}


Dramatic, right? So is our society where we live in.


Being a good girl in India means you’re born only to learn in making a 100-course dinner, reproduce as many children as much possible, serve tea daily and most importantly stay submissive. However, if you even plan to have a career or be independent altogether, trust me, you are just slipping out.

good girl

For all those ladies who still want to know if they are indeed “good” and if they at all deserve to get married, here we have compiled a brief check-list. Here are some of the dos and don’ts that every girl must follow to be a “good girl.”

1. Make round rotis

From getting that exact radius to an even thickness, you MUST know how to do it. Your primary job, as a woman, is definitely to learn making roundest rotis and as much as possible. How can your husband even love you if you can’t do that? I mean, how does your persona or education can even influence him! Roti, my dear, it’s only roti!

good girl

2. Sacrifice every-damn-thing

Exactly, as a woman, how can you even have your own hopes, dreams or desires. NO! An ideal and docile woman must always ensure that she doesn’t want anything for herself. In fact, she mustn’t even prioritize herself. All she must do is to cook meals, do the laundry, scrub the dishes, get the least sleep, wake up as early as possible, donate her kidneys, blood, heart, liver or maybe even life!

good girl

3. Not having a career

WHY WOULD YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! You are a GIRL! Which in itself means you must always stay indoors, cooking and doing all kinds of household chores. Why would you even think about having a career that can make you independent! Having a job and planning for your future career prospects shall only make you “unsanskari girl.” Of course, you don’t want that, right!

good girl

4.Being submissive

Just like not having a career, a “good girl” or an ideal woman must never have her own opinions. She must never speak out. In fact, if possible, she should even cut her tongue. After all, if she has a tongue, she would be urged to speak. Who would even want that! Stay mum, stay happy!

good girl

5. She must always be “womanly”

Dress code- Sarees, salwar kameezes, lehengas or maximum skirts! Being a woman means you must do everything “womanly.” Hence, you are forbidden to wear jeans, shirts or tees. In fact, she must never even think about them. From speaking softly to sitting elegantly, you must be feminine and womanly.

good girl

6. You must be fair

Are you dusky or dark-skinned? Get yourself a fair milk-white skin because that’s the only short-cut to being a “good girl!” Fairness creams, turmeric or even skin lightening treatments, do everything that can make you fair. Because, if you are dusky or dark-complexioned, how can you even get married! And if you can’t get married, how can you even survive! NAHIIIIIIIII!

good girl


7. Being shy! ALWAYS!

Neither you should shop your lingerie nor should you even buy sanitary napkins! Isn’t it utterly bizarre to do so? What if doing these turn you an alien?! Better just sew your stuff back at home. Oh yes, you must also be coy even when you’re with your husband! So, what girl if he’s your hubby!

good girl

8. A mother? You have done everything!

Once you are a mother, you should stop being anything else, if possible even human! No matter what, ONLY you are always responsible for their behaviours and health. But wait, not their future! Basically, your sole aim after being a mother is to raise a healthy and good-mannered child. However, that in no way gives you the right to take their bigger life decisions. Dream small, be happy!

good girl

9. Don’t have mobile phones

Why would you even need them? You need to talk to your parents, your “past family?” Just use your husband’s phone. No mobile phones, no social media, nothing!

good girl

Adding to all these, if possible, don’t even breathe.


See, being a “good girl” is not that tough!

Do you have any more tips on being a good girl? Let me know in the comments. And, if you like this post, don’t forget to share it.

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  1. A true post in every sense 🙂 .. One more tip for being a good working girl (if by chance one works 😉 ) ..Always opt for WFH (Work from….errr…FOR Home) 😎

    1. Nazia Afreen

      Absolutely true! And, I am really glad that you liked the post! xoxo

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