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8 First Year of Blogging Mistakes That Every Newbie Blogger Should Avoid!

My blogiversary is almost here! And honestly, I have a whirlpool of mixed emotions. I have learned a whole lot of lessons in my first year of blogging. However, by that I don’t literally mean I took paid courses.

The world of blogging taught me so so much!

Before I actually start this post, let me remind you that I am still a struggling blogger. And I still make mistakes. But to make sure your blog doesn’t suffer as much as mine does, here I am.

If you’re a newbie blogger, I am sure this post would be immensely helpful. So, without much ado, let’s check out some of the basic blogging mistakes that I committed in my first year of blogging and the blogging lessons that I have learnt from them.

first year of blogging

Expecting Revenue

Okay, okay, I know, blogging can be such an exciting income idea. I mean who won’t love to work at their own spare time in their PJs!

But…you know what?! That’s the actual problem!

Like millions of the other bloggers, I too took up blogging with the aim of making money in my comfort hours. No, that’s nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is expecting to do that in the first year!

first year of blogging

This is probably the most bitter pill of blogging, but you HAVE to stop expecting any kind of revenue in your first year!

Your first year of blogging should primarily focus on building real quality content that entails some value for your audience. Without any kind of value, your blog is just useless!

You got to focus on nothing but quality TRAFFIC! Which just won’t be possible if you’re only luring after money and with no quality content!

Lesson Learnt- Focus on Traffic. Produce quality helpful content with value.

Not Knowing Your Niche

OMG! I literally face-palmed myself while typing this!

If you had been a regular follower of Blooming Pen, you would know that this blog along with having motherhood and lifestyle initially had other categories as well.

Because I was an idiot!

Please, please, please know your niche. Just don’t write on things that you think are popular on the Internet.

One of the basic keys to blogging success is understanding your niche. No, this is not just me saying. This is actually the tip given by most successful top bloggers from around the world.

Consider you love cooking vegan food. But you stumble upon the internet and see that most bloggers are writing about tech. You start writing about tech just because you thought everyone else is doing so.


That’s just insane!

I know there are millions of blogs out there that cover almost everything under the sun. But come on, you never know if that blog is managed by an entire team of different writers or is a one-man army.

Please don’t take the risk. Indulge in what you love!

Lesson learnt- Follow your passion. Blog about what love in your life or about your own experiences.

Underestimating Social Media

Social media makes a MASSIVE difference in the world of blogging. And underestimating that is just such a mistake.

It’s not that I didn’t use social media at all. What I did is just not using its complete potential.

And now honestly, after my first year of blogging, I have to say that my 80% of my traffic is derived from social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook and even Instagram.

You have to understand that your blog posts can NEVER get ample exposure until and unless you let the world know about it. The Internet is HUGE! And social media is probably THE best thing that can help your posts go all around the world.

Lesson Learnt- Give your best shot in making your blog viral with social media.

Not Getting Out Of Comfort Zone

So, this one is probably my one of the biggest major mistakes and I have no shame telling you about it.

I am more of an ambivert. Which means I am in between an introvert and extrovert.

Which also means I tend to love staying in my own comfort zone with my close ones. As a result, I also want to stay away from people at times.

Being a blogger means you have to get out of that crib!

You have to communicate with other bloggers, big or small. You have to build connections and create a social blogging circle where you can often talk or discuss things like “friends”.


first year of blogging

Don’t just guest post for anyone’s blog and forget about it. Try building a relation via commenting or posting or tagging each other or best being a regular reader of their blog.

Also, make sure to rise them in their field. See, this blogging world is also about how much we care for each other. Share someone else’s post on your wall or just pin their images.

The more you share others’ posts and ideas, the more you have chances to grow your own blog.

With no connection on the plot, your blogging journey can definitely expire soon.

Lesson learnt- Build connections and contacts. Try rising while helping others rise as well.

Not Organizing Ideas

Yet one of the biggest mistakes I committed in my first year of blogging!

During your blogging’s infancy stage, it can be quite common for your brain to be jampacked with tons of ideas. Please, please write down that stuff digitally or better on a paper.

It is just NOT possible to remember every idea that hits your mind.

You can either get yourself a blog planner or can even jot down your ideas on a notebook. I personally maintain an Excel sheet once a week where I strategize my content based on my ideas and what’s most trending. (Because well I am a mother of a toddler daughter who loves tearing pages.)

Here are some of the free online tools that I personally have used and am still using for curating blog content ideas.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Trends

Buzzsumo (Free for a week)


And here’s a free printable blog planner which you can use anytime.

first year of blogging

Lesson learnt- Stay planned and organized.

Not Using Free Images

Yes, I actually used to do that in my first year of blogging. And I am thankful that I am on the right path now.

Images are just so so essential for every blog. Without images, your visitors might leave your site quite sooner than you can even expect.

While using images, don’t just Google it and pick any high-resolution image, no matter how tempting it may seem.

Use only copyright free images for your blog. You can get them on sites like Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash.

Lesson Learnt- Use only copyright free images.

Giving More Than Yourself

Blogging is an exciting journey. And honestly, at least for me, quite addictive as well.

As a newbie blogger, you may actually feel tempted to check your stats every now and then, following which you may further tempt to feel giving more than your capacity.


Remember, blogging is just a very small part of your entire life! Don’t give so much effort or time to it that can make you lose time with your special ones.

I actually did that and soon realized my mistake. I actually used to give around 80% of my time to blogging and the leftovers to my family. A ratio which should be opposite in real!


first year of blogging

As a result, my personal and blog life was affected!

Your real life, your family, your friends, your special moments with your spouse can NEVER be greater than your blog. No matter how ambitious you have been with it.

Lesson Learnt- Your family and friends are way more important than your blog. Don’t prioritize the latter over the former.

Not Being 100% Honest and “You”

This has been one of the biggest mistakes I personally did in my first year of blogging.

No, by that I don’t mean I was dishonest. I mean I was actually NOT real me.

I wrote blog posts more as a content writer than a real blogger. And maybe that stopped my blog from growing!

If you sincerely want your blog to grow, don’t try gaining that perfection level. Because that doesn’t exist.

Just be the real YOU. Trust me, the audience knows when you actually make it or when you fake it!

Lesson Learnt- Don’t try to be perfect. Be the real you!

So, that was it, people!

If you’re a newbie blogger reading my post, I hope this post had been helpful to you.

If I missed out any other mistake or if you have any similar experience in your first year of blogging, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for this helpful post. I can relate to all the points mentioned. In my first year I am focussing on writing good contents. Also I am on insta and twitter from last month so this has benifitted me. Also making bonds with other bloggers by commenting, sharing their posts. My next aim is to be on Pinterest. Can you tell me if we are taking pics from pixel, unsplash like I am currently doing so, do we have to give credit to them? If I am editing the pic from canvas, in that case I mention my blog name on the pic. Is it right way or should I have to give credit to them?
    Thank you.

    1. Nazia Afreen

      I am really glad that you found the post really helpful. While taking pics from free sites like Pixabay and Unsplash, there’s generally no need to give credits as these pics are already termed free to use. However, to be on the safety boat, I sometimes do mention the source at the end of some blog posts. As far as using Canva is concerned, as much as I know, it’s totally fine to give your site’s name right into your created Pinterest/Insta/FB image. There’s no need of giving credit to Canva.

        1. Nazia Afreen

          It’s completely my pleasure. Good luck with your blogging! ?

  2. Hi Nazia! This post is truly incredible. It was as though you were just giving me feedback on my blogging process. And I’m guilty as charged. The biggest one would be failing to find my niche. That said, the solution comes from becoming aware and this post is the 2nd time I’m coming across this point, which somehow feels like a message. So thanks! And loved your style of writing!

    1. Nazia Afreen

      Hey Radha,

      TYSM for liking the post. And yes, choosing the ideal niche is just so important. Sometimes, it does become the key to being successful in blogging.

  3. LOL on revenue expectation Nazia. We have zero skills, and expect to make money? Nope. I did not make money thru my 126 eBooks and 4 courses until I developed skills, through practice. Difference maker.

    1. Nazia Afreen

      Practice is indeed the key to perfection!?

  4. Great post I loved the honesty and I can completely relate. I too have only been blogging for a short time and I went through all of these mistakes in my first year! All you can do is learn and move forward!

    1. Nazia Afreen

      Exactly! The first year of blogging is indeed more of a learning process.

  5. Super write up! I totally agree with all these points which you have presented in the appropriate order.thanks
    Mom blogger @

    1. Nazia Afreen


  6. You just nailed it. I think you have covered all aspects of blogging in a very sequential manner. I also have the same experience, I can relate myself here. Social media sharing is the key to get traffic. Very helpful for the new ones.

    1. Nazia Afreen

      Your comment just made my day! I am so glad you loved my post! ?

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