facts about Ramadan

10 Facts About Ramadan That Many Non-Muslims Might Not Know!

So finally the much awaited Islamic month has arrived! RAMADAN! Hope you had followed my tips for making this Ramadan productive before even the month sets in. As a Muslim, I love the month and so does every other Muslim all around the world. But, if you’re a non-Muslim, you may actually know that this month is only about fasting, which in fact is not quite true. Ramadan also entails several features that primarily makes it the most loved month by the Muslims. So, thinking to elaborate some of these features, today my post will be about some of the most unknown and mind-blowing facts about Ramadan that you might not know.

facts about Ramadan

Ramadan Fast Is One Of The Five Pillars

If you aren’t quite acquainted with this fact, let me explain. The very foundation of being a Muslim is to follow the basic five pillars of Islam. These include

  • Having faith which means believing in the Oneness of Allah, literally by heart and not just by words.
  • Performing salat or the daily five times prayers.
  • Giving zakat or charity to the poor.
  • Fasting or observing Saum in the month of Ramadan and
  • If financially and physically possible, performing Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime.

facts about Ramadan

Thus, fasting is an obligation on all Muslims who are physically fit and healthy with exceptions like pregnant women, children and aged Muslims.

It’s Not JUST About Not Eating

This one is probably one of the most unknown facts about Ramadan! Fasting may literally mean abstaining from food and even from drinking water. But, in Islam, fasting includes not only complete abstinence of food and drinks but also from common evils like gossiping, lying, backbiting, abusing and cheating. A fasting Muslim is also not supposed to indulge in any kind of sexual acts. The sole purpose of fasting to get closer to Allah by abstaining from anything that can distract your mind from worship and devotion.

facts about Ramadan

Ramadan Is Also The Most Generous Month

No, by that I don’t mean our incomes peak up! During the month of Ramadan, most Muslims offer zakat or charity as much as possible, thus meeting another pillar of Islam. Poor people and beggars flock all around with the expectation of getting anything as a form of charity. Giving more alms and charity on this month is regarded a great virtue with countless rewards in the Hereafter.

facts about Ramadan

Ramadan Is Directly Linked To Quran

Probably one of the most unknown facts about Ramadan, not just among non-Muslims but also for some of the Muslims! Ramadan is actually linked to the revelation of the Holy Book. Of course, Quran tells us about fasting during Ramadan, but what many non-Muslims might not know is that the origins of the very holy book also traces its roots back to Ramadan. It’s believed that the very first verses of the Quran, which is the Surah Alaq, was actually revealed in one of the last nights of Ramadan.

facts about Ramadan

Fasting In Ramadan Has Health Benefits

I don’t know how many people are going to believe this, but fasting has time and again ensured a better health for at least me. Okay, don’t believe me! But I am sure you would if I provide you a report by the NHS.

Accordingly, Dr Razeen Mahroof, an Oxford anaesthetist, said, “ A detoxification process also occurs, because any toxins stored in the body’s fat are dissolved and removed from the body.”

Along with it, fasting also helps in improving your blood fat levels along with helping you to get rid of any kind of addiction thus ensuring additional health benefits during Ramadan.

Different Times For Iftar

Iftar is the time when Muslims break their fast and this occurs exactly during the sunset. However, since Islam has two sects, the iftar times too vary. While the Sunnis break their fast exactly during the sunset, Shias wait till complete darkness comes upon after sunset.

facts about Ramadan

Ramadan Is Never The Same

Yet one of the most astonishing facts about Ramadan! Every year, the month of Ramadan changes as per English calendar. Since Muslims generally follow lunar calendars, Ramadan comes earlier every year. This ensures Muslims to experience fast in every season.

Ramadan means “scorching heat”

The word “Ramadan” owes its origin to the Arabic word “Ramida” which literally means dryness or scorching heat.  The original word basically imbibes typical feelings that any Muslim might experience while fasting like dryness of the tongue or parched throats. That’s because fasting Muslims aren’t allowed to even sip water.

facts about Ramadan

Unintentional Eating/Drinking is Non-Punishable

If any Muslim drinks water or just gulps in a morsel of food UNINTENTIONALLY, he/she is not liable for any kind penalty or punishment.

Ramadan AKA Month Of Quran

The month of Ramadan is also widely known as the month of Quran as Muslims all around the world recite the holy book most on this month.

facts about Ramadan

So, these are some of the facts about Ramadan that I personally feel not many non-Muslims might know about. Let me know if you know something that I have NOT listed above. And if you like these facts, please please share it with your Muslim or even non-Muslim friends. Also, don’t forget to sign up and start receiving notifications on latest updates.


Till then, Ramadan Kareem!

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