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Celebrating International Women’s Day Is All Farce! And These Reasons Might Convince You Too!

International Women’s Day is here! Yay!

So, what’s new!

Yes, I am actually that indifferent to the approach of almost-a-revolutionary-day! Like every year, the Internet will be flooded with billions of hashtags like #savegirl #girlpower and #womenempowerment. And like every other year, people, even if some of them just hate the idea, would post status updates showing their support for more woman power, for more female empowerment.

But, amidst all these, I shall sit back on my couch. Being just not happy with the idea. What’s really so happy about it?


Confused? Keep scrolling!

All Out Ad- A Reflection of Patriarchy!

A few days back I came across this really popular All Out ad, which went viral in no time. Of course, the makers of the ad definitely had positive intentions prompting us to support a strict mother. But, I just can’t ignore those really big visible flaws. Accordingly, a mother serves foods to her son, who is seen pushing away the plate. To this, we are told that he does so because his mother had scolded him for “stealing” 10 bucks from her purse.

women's day


Yes, the plot sounds interesting enough! Every other family member is seen sitting on the dinner table while the two “bahus” are seen serving food. Basically, they’re supposed to eat the leftovers. Perfect!

We are also shown how even the aforesaid woman’s husband chides her for being too strict. But the main focus that actually got my attention, was his way of addressing her. He literally drags her paternal family in it.

women's day


Finally, the aged father-in-law is seen supporting the mother. But, not because she has to endure so much. Because he has to ensure that the little “boy” is raised properly. All the while, we are also shown little girls as well. So what do they do? They learn from this entire incident, subconsciously though, that

  • women should have the leftovers,
  • dragging anyone’s family, especially a woman’s paternal family, is no big deal.


Yes, the ad literally envelopes multiple levels of patriarchy. Unfortunately, it does so in such a way, that it seems quite normal.  You can watch the video here.

Like this one ad, there are actually multiple real-life scenarios where women are seen or rather expected to be more submissive and of course, men dominating.

And this problem is actually more than serious you could think!


Let me explain further!

Since childhood, I have seen girls receiving gifts like dolls and cookery sets. But, boys getting gifts like cars. Aren’t we spreading the message the girls actually belong to kitchens! Boys stand for blue and girls for pink? Why?

women's day


Boys are told since childhood not to cry because apparently crying belongs to women. Do emotions know the gender? Or does that mean that “being weak” is “being a woman.”

So, basically bleeding profusely is being weak. And in that state pacifying a baby on one hand and cooking on the other is just what “weak” people do.


women's day


Every time a guest arrives, a woman is always expected to serve snacks. Irrespective if she’s dead tired and has just returned from work. Even the man is just sitting right there, with nothing good to do, we always expect “her” to make tea. Why so sexism?

The entire concept of getting married has of course, always been a sacred one. A girl leaving her parents, her friends and her entire family. Only to “settle” down with a boy. Why the entire institution of the marriage is the sole solution to be settled. Trust me, even if you’re a CEO of a billion-dollar business, you’re not settled yet. It can only be done when you get married.

And of course, when I am talking about getting married, how can I ever miss out the ideal age. Being a “good girl“, you just can’t EVER get married once you’re post 25. Doesn’t matter how much focused you are with respect to your career. Or how much dedicated you’re completing your P.hD!

Getting married is the only way by which you can complete your life. 


women's day


And of course, how can I miss out our overestimated Bollywood, that seems to churn out more stereotypes and sexism. I am not quite a movie buff. But I do remember some of the sexist ones.

In Cocktail, Deepika Padukone is shown as a free-spirited young lady. She doesn’t give a damn who thinks about her. She earns a decent income to live alone and bear her expenses. And yes, she is also a good human.

But, like every other Indian movie, in the end, we are shown how she coolly forgives her ex for getting hooked up with her bestie. Umm… I wouldn’t have done so! So that’s kinda abnormal for me.

Because you just can’t be a good woman if you can’t forgive others! 


And like this one movie there millions in the Bollywood that has actually been nurturing the very basic patriarchal norms. Something to think about, SERIOUSLY!

On every International Women’s Day, we feel motivated to spread the message of female rights and equality. But the next day, a menstruating woman is told not to touch the pickle or flowers.


women's day

On International Women’s Day, we feel dedicated to promoting women being financially independent. But the very next day, we frown upon a working mother.


With all these stereotypes revolving in our society at large, do we actually have the right to celebrate International Women’s Day?

Every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day, despite knowing our society’s visible and invisible flaws. Why do we even do that? Isn’t that a form of hypocrisy?

Is just one day enough to respect women and her contributions? Can’t we celebrate women’s day every single day?


Did I go wrong somewhere? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

It’s high time to treat us women as normal humans and not just someone’s mother or daughter! It’s high time to give us respect that we deserve!

This International Women’s Day, let’s pledge to bring some real change.







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