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Being A Mother Is Not Just About Hugs and Kisses! It’s A Struggle And An Eternal Journey!

Happiness is…being a mother! And I have to agree with it!


With motherhood finally having entered my life and having completed a complete year, the entire journey seemed more of a rollercoaster ride. With numerous ups and downs, motherhood has made realize my strengths, my not-giving-up spirit and most importantly, my patience.

being a mother

However, this one role is not just about smiles and happiness! Being a mother involves uncountable sacrifices for the sake of your little one’s happiness and comfort. So with Mother’s Day already round the corner, I’ve finally decided to write a post that will primarily deal about those essential sacrifices or rather things that most mothers miss soon after they become a mother. And trust me, these are too relatable!

Quality Time With Husband

I know, I know for 90% of the mothers, sleep tops the list, but for me, it’s this one. Since I became a mom, I hardly get time to even have a proper sane conversation. With a fixed schedule down the row that includes changing diapers, feeding baby and keeping an eye on them, it hardly becomes possible to even enjoy a meal, let alone enjoy some quality time with your better half. And even when I do get time, our conversations are mostly about what do we need to buy next for our girl or what kind of school should we aim at. New mothers, ain’t I right?

being a mother


This is definitely a no-shocker! Sleep deprivation has been one of the biggest causes that resulted in my insanity even after a year. Even when Humayra sleeps all through the night, I have to get up almost a zillion times. I need to check if she’s sleeping fine, if she’s breathing, if the blankets don’t cover her up and for what not?

being a mother

And, it’s not JUST about the sleep. It’s also about enjoying an ample space. I had been co-sleeping with my baby since the day I got discharged. Of course, this actually makes me get more sleep. Because when I co-sleep, I don’t have to get up from my bed every time I need to feed Humayra. Of course, there are many other benefits of co-sleeping with your baby, but, even then I actually don’t get that much sleep as much as I need.


I love reading and shopping! And soon when I became a mother I miss out every book that I have. Being a mother, most of my time goes in keeping a constant eye on Humayra, managing household chores and finally, blogging. My schedule has become such a fixed one that even a slight change stresses me out and sometimes, even makes me mad.

being a mother

Quality Time With Family

Just like I miss out spending quality time with my husband, I miss out the same with my other family members. Gone are those days when any celebration or family function was completely about ME being present. Now, instead of having a hearty conversation or a group gossip session with my cousins, it’s about checking diapers, feeding my baby and checking her constant cues of sleep and hunger.


Being a mother is more about patience than just hugs, kisses and cuddles! Ever since I became a mother, my life became a busy playground comprising of unexpected cries, unstoppable cradling sessions and messy feeding grounds. There even had been times when I just wanted to run away and be alone for a while. I was a perfect insane freak till my girl was six months old. Wait, I am still the same, just lesser!

being a mother


Aah, how much I miss my pizzas! Being a total freakish pizza lover, I used to miss out those beautiful slices when I was in a total breastfeeding phase. Every time I indulge in any meal or any dish, the first thing that strikes my mind is if it can cause gas or at least, colic for my baby. Enjoying food is never the same!

being a mother

A Proper Call

Be it a video call or just a simple call, I can no longer keep on talking for hours. There had been times when I badly needed to talk to someone post delivery just for the sake of conversation. Maybe it was my postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety (yes, it does exist), but I needed to vent out. Alas, every time I called someone or vice-versa, I had some task or the other. And if not anything else, my girl would start crying or throw tantrums.

being a mother


Of course! Being a mother, especially if your child is under 5 yrs, your life is no longer yours. You have to dress according to the child’s age. You have to carry everything that your child might need on the way. You have to schedule your hangouts based on your child’s sleeping patterns. Every single thing revolves around your baby.

Yes, being a mother is actually quite a lot harder than you think.


But, know what?

Every sacrifice is just worth it! Every time you see that pretty smile on those innocent faces, you feel every struggle is just worth it. So, pretty moms, give yourself a pat on the back because we are the real warriors.


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