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Are You A Summer Bride? MUST Read This Ultimate List To Look Great On Your Big Day!

Hello people, wedding season is almost here and I know you are still looking for ways to make your big day happiest and fullest. But-but-but, I know summer weddings are not so easy and there are things to be taken care of especially as a summer BRIDE.

a summer bride

Now all you brides there, firstly CONGRATULATIONS! And secondly, don’t you worry we have got you covered. Today we have worked a bit harder for your big day and have listed 5 things to follow if you are a summer bride to help you get the best of the day. So here we go,

Wear waterproof foundation but do not cake it up

First things first, a wedding is never complete without a decked up bride and wouldn’t that be difficult for a summer bride to carry a heavy makeup in this harsh heat? So as a summer bride you can endeavour to utilize a light layer of waterproof foundation rather than multiple layers.

a summer bride

You can ask your makeup person to get good quality of waterproof makeup. Also for covering up the flaws, utilize a decent concealer just over the spots, once you have covered all the spots exactly where you require it and do not layer it up again.

a summer bride

Ensure to set your base with a translucent powder and a finishing mist to keep the base intact for the whole time of your wedding ceremony.

A water-proof make-up kit- Check.

A nominal amount of makeup- Check

Prettiest bride ever- Check! Isn’t that a relief?

Go easy on the highlighter

Do not forget to go very easy on your highlighter. I’ve had myself witnessed a number of brides making a bizarre of the makeup due to excess use of a highlighter. I’m pretty sure none of us would want that.

a summer bride

Your wedding day should not be left with any chance of a turn off moment. Especially not anything with the bride’s makeup. Why? Because the world will have its eyes on you that day! And since your face will, in any case, get slick, make sure to utilize highlighter with a light hand. You would prefer not to wind up resembling a gleaming disco ball I’m sure! And here you are very close to become the world’s prettiest bride.

Get your pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses are super cool, isn’t it? It has become more of a trend for a bride to wear sunglasses in her wedding shoot along with her partner and other friends. But for a summer bride, sunglasses are not just mere props they are your life saviour! I’ll tell you how.

First of all, you will get amazing pictures with those glasses on and that will definitely make your arrival super cool and dashing. Second, you can save your eyes from the sun before entering the hall and lastly, you can look at your man as long as you want without letting anyone know that you are! Aww!

a summer bride


Also, I hope you are done with your bridal wear selection because if not let me tell you about an amazing offer from Voonik. Voonik offers huge discounts on its bridal wear collection. As much as 40 to 75% on its collection. They have a number of designer sarees and a lot more along with offers like latest designs, cash on delivery, easy mode of payment etc. everything just at the tip of your fingers. Isn’t that an all and all deal? Of course, it is! Now all that’s left to do is select the right lehenga and a matching sunglass shade for it! All set to be a summer bride who’s perfect to be a trendsetter? I’m sure you are. All the best!

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is of paramount importance for not just a summer bride but I guess for everyone. Indian weddings last pretty long and are tiring and I’m sure you don’t wish to look sluggish and tired on your big day.

The very first sign of being dehydrated is chapped lips and that my friend is not a very pleasant sign for a bride. Try incorporating a suitable diet plan, eat plenty and healthy and drink ample of water and juices all day. Also to be on a safer side carry a mini lip balm in your designer clutch and keep it handy in case you feel you going to need it. Remember they are one of the essentials that your bag must have

a summer bride

I personally feel brides look sexiest when they are all happy and active in their weddings and if by any chance you are tired and dehydrated, you might not be able to enjoy your big day to your fullest. 

Blotting sheet is your best friend for the day

Make blotting sheets your best friend for your wedding day. I know it’s summer and over that, if you have a slick skin, lord- that makes it even more difficult. Blotting papers are the only instant remedy for your oily skin. Ensure you keep a couple of blotting sheets conveniently handy in your pocket for a fast oil smudge ridden once in a while.

a summer bride


Brutal photography throughout the wedding and scene lighting are different factors adding up to prompt the face getting oily very rapidly. You WILL need to smear, so it is smarter to be prepared and keep one handy. Now that’s good riddance, right?

So these were the 5 things to be followed by a summer bride to make the most of her big day. Weddings are a lifetime event. Yes, we celebrate our anniversaries with great enthusiasm, but there is always something special about weddings. Not only the bride and groom make it a part of their best memories but all of the other associates like friends and family take along a bag of happiness and memories. All the to-be-brides there, all set to make the wedding day an integral part of everyone’s lives?

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