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6 Really easy tips for losing post-pregnancy weight

Congratulations! You just became a mother and have finally entered the beautiful journey of motherhood. And with that comes a plethora of issues-losing post-pregnancy weight being one of them!

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if your pregnancy started off with a pretty normal weight, shedding off those extra pounds might not be a tall order. But if you had been overweight, it might take you quite a couple of months and of course, a healthy diet to bring you back.

With that being said, let’s go ahead with some of the tips that can help you losing post-pregnancy weight and can help those old jeans fit you.

  1. Don’t cut off

It might at once seem quite odd, but starving yourself would just do nothing. Instead, it can only add more pressure on your system, especially now, when it’s trying to cope with a major event. Irrespective, if you have had a C-section or a normal delivery, going back to eating “healthy” and definitely, for your hunger, can help your figure get back pretty naturally.

Losing post-pregnancy weight


Instead of going on a strict crash diet, opt for including a variety of foods like apples, carrots, eggs and wheat crackers. Get loads of lean meat, seafood, yoghurt, whole grains, chia seeds and nuts packed up in your home.

Losing post-pregnancy weight



Just remember, no matter how badly you want to lose weight, never let your calorie intake dip below 1800 calories. Instead of jumping up for three major meals, break your schedule five to six regular or small meals.  Always try to keep smaller portions to avoid feeling too heavy.

2. Stay hydrated

One of the most natural ingredients to lose weight has always been water. So is with losing post-pregnancy weight! Drinking abundant water not only helps you to stay hydrated but also helps to fill you up. This further pushes you not to overeat. A recent research has also found it can help in speeding up your metabolism.

Losing post-pregnancy weight



While eight glasses per day schedule can often be difficult to maintain, Johnson recommends checking your urine colour. A clear and transparent urine and visiting the loo within every three-four hrs indicate that your fluid intake is just perfect.

3. Get your body going

While diet is definitely important, getting yourself up for exercises is also vital. Incorporate certain aerobics as well as strength training exercises in your daily schedule. Not only, they help in churning out those extra calories, but also help you fight against post-partum depression, stress and sleep issue.

Losing post-pregnancy weight


If you don’t want to hit your gym, just a brisk walk daily can be enough. It can easily help your heart and your muscles get pumped up. Try getting at least 30 minutes per day. Yes, finding even that is quite next to impossible. Instead of getting it in one hold, break up your time into three parts, with 10 minutes each.

Losing post-pregnancy weight


4. Breastfeed

Breastfeeding undoubtedly envelopes tons of benefits! Definitely good for your little angel, breastfeeding can also help you get your natural shape back. On a rough basis, a breastfeeding mother needs an extra of 2700 calories in total, with at least 500 in a day. However, breastfeeding helps in burning 600-800 calories in just one day. That means just by sitting and feeding your baby can help you lose a considerable amount of weight. However, once your baby starts with her solids, keep in mind to plummet your calorie needs.

Losing post-pregnancy weight


5. Keep napping

Sleep has always been crucial for attaining a good shape, even after your pregnancy phase. Getting enough sleep helps you lose weight because that way you don’t keep binging on calorie or sugar-rich foods.

Losing post-pregnancy weight



Sleep deprivation can actually upset your entire metabolism procedure which can further make your weight loss regime a difficult one. It might not be easy though, but try sleeping every time your little one sleeps.

6. Avoid alcohol and caffeine

You may indeed feel grabbing a cup of coffee every now and then to ward off your exhaustion, but this can eventually stop from losing weight. So is with alcohol! Even when you are no longer breastfeeding, try keeping not more than two drinks in a week.

Losing post-pregnancy weight


Losing post-pregnancy weight can initially seem to be a tall order, but with motivation and, of course, support, you can actually do it. All it needs is you to tailor your lifestyle. And once, you are good with it, you are set to get back.


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