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5 Super Easy Tips To Make An Old Underprivileged Woman Happy! Because #SheNeedsLoveToo…

She is the one who toils day and night in the kitchen so that we can enjoy a sumptuous meal. She is the one who scrubs our floors so that our babies can crawl freely. And she is also the one who sighs heavily when the world is asleep. She is the old underprivileged woman whom we see everyday but often ignore. And trust me, she needs love too!

old underprivileged woman


Yes, in today’s post, I decided to go a bit off-track. This month we had two big special days- International Women’s Day (8th March) and International Day of Happiness (20th March). Both these days are celebrated with quite a grandeur in most of the Indian cities. But I wonder were they actually beneficial for the old underprivileged woman who lives with around 13 other family members in the slums? I am sure the answer is NO!

old underprivileged woman


Why not make them happy or just smile? Even if that means for a couple of minutes! So here I dedicate a special post to every old underprivileged woman in this world, trying to help them smile with some really easy tips. Each of these tips has been derived from real life experiences and I just couldn’t miss out sharing with everyone.

Here, they are!

Sit and Share

Sitting and sharing food never loses the charm! One of the biggest reasons why I respect and adore my mother-in-law is because she literally likes having food with our maid, an old woman aged around 50 or so. It doesn’t matter what cooks back in the kitchen, my MIL ensures not to give our maid a miss. And when chances do the favour, she even sits with her enjoying the meal. In fact, not just with our maid, she does the same with every underprivileged person including our employees. Having meals with any old underprivileged woman or even any other person instils the belief that equality still exists and that there’s nothing called class or status.

old underprivileged woman


Try it out. Trust me it’s going to work!

Listen up

I remember since I was a kid, there was this one very old woman who used to come over all the way from Sundarbans. Every time, she turned up, she always used to ask for my mother. And what did she do? My mother used to listen to all her problems. Be it about having less food or any family problem, that old lady used to share everything with my mother. And the latter silently and patiently listened to whatever she has to say. Sometimes she even used to apply coconut hair oil in her old withered hair.

old underprivileged woman


Moral– Listen to what an old underprivileged woman has to say. It can be boring and you may even turn impatient. But, trust me, that will definitely comfort her. She will realize that there are still people around who are genuinely ready to contribute time only for her. And that matters a lot!

Buy new clothes

Now, giving away old clothes to clean up our closest has been the ultimate norm. Why not change once a while? Buying a new saree or a shawl or even a pair of new flip-flops can be a great idea to get a sparkling smile on those wrinkled faces. A simple cotton saree can cost around 500 INR or even 200 INR, a cost that can hardly dig a hole in our pockets. But the smile and happiness would be just priceless!

old underprivileged woman


Arrange a picnic

One of the biggest causes that result in depression for every old underprivileged woman is isolation. Soon after they cross the threshold of 65 yrs, retired or aged people often feel they are of no use due to lack of energy and deterioration of health. One of the best ways to boost them is arranging a picnic. When you do so, you not only help many old underprivileged women and men, of course, happy but also make them believe that we young people also do care about them.

old underprivileged woman



Regardless which age we live in, donations can never lose the classic charm! If you are willing to volunteer for the many underprivileged women at large, opt for donations. Choose an ideal NGO and donate either money or goodies in the form of shawls or food. One such NGO is Wishes and Blessings. They help not only the elder citizens but also orphans, homeless, street children and the visually impaired. They aim to ensure a brighter future not just for every old underprivileged woman but also for everyone who actually needs love and care. And to make lives of many old men and women better, they are soon opening an old age home next month. Click here to get in touch with the awesome team.

old underprivileged woman


However, if you aren’t able to try out these mentioned tips, you can still make an old underprivileged woman happy. How?

Just follow the #SheNeedsLoveToo campaign organized by Wishes and Blessings. The campaign basically focuses on the underprivileged older women wherein they aim to amplify their voice and give them a platform to talk about their stories. Through this initiative, the Wishes and Blessings team is trying their best to make them feel loved and more importantly, special.

To be a part of the #SheNeedsLoveToo campaign, you don’t quite have to do anything. Just follow the rules provided below and you’re done. 

old underprivileged woman

See, it’s that simple!

So, did you like these tips? Let me know in the comments. Also, if you know any other tips that might be helpful for every old underprivileged woman at large, feel free to share below. I would love to know about them. And yes, don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Let’s make it a combined effort to make the underprivileged women happy. Because, #SheNeedsLoveToo

PS-This post is an unpaid collaboration with Wishes and Blessings.

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    Thank you so much! You have shred some genuine ideas to make a difference in the lives of the people. Kudos!

    1. Nazia Afreen

      Your comment just made my day! Thank you sooo much for liking my tips! XOXO

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