#MeToo Expands! 10 Big Bollywood Names Accused Of Sexual Harassment!

Since last around two months, the web has been sufficing me with tons of #MeToo stories. Stories and confessions of real Bollywood celebs. And trust me, all the while, especially after the latest Tanushree Dutta sexual harassment case, it’s actually sad to know that even some of your most respected celebs can be oblivious of the word “consent.” It seems …

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Winter Is Coming! Must Have Winter Essentials For Every Family!

With October having already half completed, I simply just can’t wait for my favourite season-Winter! A season full of warm accessories, late night movie sessions, lazy mornings, less amount of water intake and full of fashion OOTDs. Disclaimer- Not a sponsored post. Guest post by Ammar Hussain And with that being said, it becomes highly crucial to buckle yourself and …

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Happiness Is Everywhere! 10 Small Things That Can Actually Make You Genuinely Happy!

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness was probably an experienced fellow. Amidst a stressful life, one might think that being happy is only for the lucky or the rich ones. Whereas the reality is happiness actually lies in small things in life. Yes, the attainment of complete happiness is not possible but at least these small things can bring a …

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how to save money as a momlifestyle

How To Save Money As A Mom! 8 Freaking Easy Money Saving Tips For Moms!

So, it’s already October 2018! I just wonder how does time actually fly! With tons of blogs and sites already posting on Halloween ideas, which indeed defines the fall month, I’ve decided to go a bit off-track and write about something more useful and more universal. Because apart from being the month of Halloween, October is also the official financial …

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