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Wearing A Saree Is A Challenge Altogether! Check Out My Honest Funny “Saree” Confessions!

  The real struggle is not when you cook a Biryani, it’s when you got to try your hands wearing a saree!   I love sarees! And I mean that so much! I still remember how the entire institution of marriage haunted me just thinking about wearing a saree. Thankfully, my parents-in-law let me wear exactly what I want, even when …

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A-Z Of A Bengali Household! This Poila Baisakh, Let’s Celebrate Everything Bong!

Yes, I am a Bengali and my life is not just about “jol khachi”, “babumoshai” and “roshogollas!” But, yes the latter is always the best dessert. E-V-E-R! After having written so many posts, I just finally realized that I haven’t yet written anything about the place where I was born and brought up; the culture and lifestyle that’s so much …

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UNBELIEVABLE! I Am Shocked To Know That Salman Khan Rejected THESE Movies!

So, the verdict regarding Salman Khan blackbuck poaching case is finally out! Salman Khan was granted bail! Well, what else can one expect! giphy.com And on this pretext, I just thought to write a post especially revolving around Salman Khan. From “being human” to killing uhhmm humans, our beloved bhaijaan’s career has been carefully sketched in order to prevent any …

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These Ultimate Summer Tips Help Me Survive Heat And Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle!

And finally, the most dreaded season is here in India! SUMMER!   S-U-M-M-E-R   Okay, I know that was very very dramatic! But, I just hate it so much! Well, because…   giphy.com With April 2018 already there (so fast), it’s again that time of the year when your face shall be filled with salt. I mean sweat! But, since …

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