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These 10 Best Kajals Under 500 INR Help You Get Dramatic Eyes In Budget!

It’s been a while since I didn’t post anything related to beauty. So, I decided to start something new in Blooming Pen; I have finally started to write posts on makeup/beauty products under 500 INR. And the first product that I chose is Kajal. Yes, today’s post would be about some of the best kajals under 500 INR. Kajals …

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pregnancy and motherhood

13 Confessions Of Every New Mom That Will Make You Rethink Before You Judge Mothers!

Like every new mom, yes, my life did change after a child! Having completed one full year of motherhood, I soon realized being a mother is not that difficult the way I thought! In fact, it’s a billion times more! The day you become a mother is an ultimate day when you finally realize the essence of true selfless love. …

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women's day#thinkit

Celebrating International Women’s Day Is All Farce! And These Reasons Might Convince You Too!

International Women’s Day is here! Yay! So, what’s new! Yes, I am actually that indifferent to the approach of almost-a-revolutionary-day! Like every year, the Internet will be flooded with billions of hashtags like #savegirl #girlpower and #womenempowerment. And like every other year, people, even if some of them just hate the idea, would post status updates showing their support for …

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Make Your Weaning Phase Healthy and Safe With These Introductory Foods For Six Months Babies!

Which food is safe for six months babies? And how they are healthy? I know these questions have definitely popped into your mind once your angel turns six months! Yes, we all know how excited we, mothers, always are when our little ones are cute six months babies. But, once we are there, we are totally confused and freaked out. …

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