worst foods during pregnancypregnancy and motherhood

10 Worst Foods During Pregnancy To Avoid At All Costs

Congratulations on getting those two red lines on your pregnancy strip! It’s definitely a time for celebration, but with that, it also calls for a strict healthy lifestyle. And when we are talking about a healthy lifestyle, it not only includes exercises and a balanced diet but also consists of knowing about the worst foods during pregnancy that you should avoid …

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natural ways to fight pimplesbeauty and skincare

7 Natural Ways To Fight Pimples And To Get Glowing Skin

Have a wedding around the corner? Or have to look impressive for your next interview? But, unfortunately, your pimples don’t let you look flawless. If you too are totally frustrated with those unwanted tiny relatives bursting out every now and then and are looking for reliable home remedies, you have landed up just in the right place. Here are some of …

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newly married womanlifestyle

14 Bang On Things Every Newly Married Woman Experiences

While some call it a pretty bubbly honeymoon period, your first-year post-wedding is definitely more than that. From those desi aunties gossiping about you two to having awkward random conversations with strange people, a newly married woman gets a life that’s definitely not just about romance, candlelight dinners and love. Giphy.com Ladies, if you too have been “just” married,  this …

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long distance relationshiprelationships

Are You In A Long Distance Relationship? Then These 13 Things Are Surely For You!

Let’s admit it, long distance relationship is not for everyone. Period. It’s not easy to let go of things that you do with the person you love the most. From missing those casual fights to frequent hangouts, partners staying miles apart, have to bear some real big deals. wessexscene.co.uk Of course, you have social media platforms and can meet and …

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lipsticks for Indian skin tonesbeauty and skincare

Check Out The Hottest Lipsticks For Indian Skin Tones That Can Steal The Show!

“I hate lipsticks!” said no woman ever. From blood red to nudes, almost every woman has a beloved lipstick in her bag. However, not every lipstick suits everyone. Especially in India, where skin tones easily differ from one person to another, it becomes highly important to know about some of the best lipsticks for Indian skin tones; those that can …

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