long distance relationship

Are You In A Long Distance Relationship? Then These 13 Things Are Surely For You!

Let’s admit it, long distance relationship is not for everyone. Period.

It’s not easy to let go of things that you do with the person you love the most. From missing those casual fights to frequent hangouts, partners staying miles apart, have to bear some real big deals.

long distance relationship


Of course, you have social media platforms and can meet and see each other virtually. But, undoubtedly, nothing can replace the calmness of having him/her next to you.

Just like the distance, the struggle is TOTALLY real!

If you and your partner are together yet are miles apart, here are few things that you can relate too well.

1. You learn patience

The core foundation of any long distance relationship is mastering being patient. From the very moment, your partner leaves for their cities till their return, every moment is a test of hard-core patience. You learn counting days, prioritizing their time over yours, waiting for video calls, even if that meant for a couple of hours. Patience soon becomes your forte. And why not? After all, it’s for the most important person!

long distance relationship


2.You become mature

Remember that infancy stage of your relationship, when replying instantly became an ordeal. And when any one of you were unable to do so, it was a matter of life and death. Once when you’re in a long-distance relationship, you learn to understand your partner’s schedule. As a result, late replies are now no longer an issue.

long distance relationship


3.You love your phone a bit more

All thanks to the internet that has made everything in a long-distance relationship so easy! With your partner being away, your relationship with your smartphone becomes a bit more precious. From checking their check-ins to texting that cute emojis, your smartphone now, probably, becomes more precious than your food. Parties, weddings or work, you and your smartphone are always glued.

long distance relationship


4.You learn handling yourself

Yes, we have a million of social media and instant messaging platforms with the help of which we can share those tough times with our partners. But, let’s get real while being in a long-distance relationship, you learn handling your emotions and consoling yourself, all on your own. No matter how much you vent out virtually, in the end, it’s you who have to wipe your own tears.

long distance relationship


5. You groom depending on their schedule

Unconsciously though, you soon realize that worrying about your looks is no longer an issue. Yes, you do maintain a minimum presentable appearance but it’s not the same as before. But wait…

Once your partner is about to return, your daily schedule gets back to a list of to-do tasks that include doing your hair, nails, eyebrows and shaving.

long distance relationship


After all, no matter how casual or messed up they have seen you in, you want to ensure that you look awesome once you guys meet again!

6. You learn being creative

Only once you are in a long-term relationship, your inner creative box gets into action. You start thinking about ways to genuinely please your partner. Dropping online gifts to their place or proposing them over video chat, you leave no stone unturned to make each other special. Because true love always wins over miles.

long distance relationship


7. Your family never stops asking

“When is he coming back?”

“How do you talk?”

“Will you too go with him?”

From weddings to even casual hangouts, a typical set of questions has now become a part of your life. And it gets more boring every time you need to answer. Like, just stop it already!

long distance relationship


8. You hate slow net more

Because that’s the only medium that helps to keep you guys connected! Of course, you always hate slow net. But now when you’re in a long-distance relationship, you hate it even more!

long distance relationship



Ironically, only when you guys get super-romantic, your net gets worse. And it’s disgusting!

9. Chargers are your BFFs

No matter where you go, you always make sure to always carry your chargers. God forbid, what if your phone switches off and you guys can’t stay in touch!

long distance relationship


10. Heartache is real

You now finally know the true meaning of heartache! You always want to share your happiest and saddest moments with them, but, alas, they are not with you! That feeling is, in fact, worse than death.

long distance relationship


11. You envy your friends

No, by that we don’t mean envying her lifestyle or her travelogues! You envy your friends because they are privileged to have their partners always by their side.

long distance relationship


12. Your diet, his preferences

As a tribute to your partner, you often have food that your partner loves the most. Even, if that means you not liking it. Yes, long distance relationship actually does that!

long distance relationship


13. Reuniting means heaven

And finally, when you guys meet, that ultimate moment becomes heavenly! From feeling butterflies to getting that unstoppable smile, you become a teenager all over again! And yes, the real feeling is just magical!

long distance relationship


Long distance relationship is difficult but not impossible to maintain!

Did we miss something? Or did you experience something different? If yes, don’t forget to leave them in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to share this article if you or your friend shares the same.

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