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13 Confessions Of Every New Mom That Will Make You Rethink Before You Judge Mothers!

Like every new mom, yes, my life did change after a child!

Having completed one full year of motherhood, I soon realized being a mother is not that difficult the way I thought! In fact, it’s a billion times more! The day you become a mother is an ultimate day when you finally realize the essence of true selfless love. And soon you’re designated with the world’s biggest responsibility- raising a child!

every new mom

However, as time passes, every new mom faces a series of experiences, which is totally hard to even define in words. And yes, you’re not alone!

Thus, as a tribute to all those new moms, here I present some of the most brutally honest and funny confessions that I suppose every new mom too, wants to express.

every new mom

I am a learner, hence, my mistakes!

Like every woman, I too have no experience in motherhood. Thus, I am bound to commit mistakes, big or small. However, that in no way means that I am not learning at all. From understanding my baby’s clues to managing my time, every day with her is a new one and gives a new experience.

every new mom

I need “me-time”

Like every new mom, motherhood has brought in a ton of responsibilities in my life as well. I leave no stone unturned to cope up my new schedule that includes managing my family and my work. Yes, I love it as well. But all along, I also need some “me-time”. Sometimes I just can’t wait to get some spare time with my husband, with my friends or just with my baby. And you know what, I am not alone. Around 23% of mothers too crave for the same.

every new mom

I am not ready for guests

No, it’s not just because too many people can encourage the risk of spreading infections. It’s also because I am currently in a recovery state. I need some privacy with just my family, my baby and of course, my husband. Unwanted or uninvited guests are only bound to make me feel more uncomfortable.

every new mom

From breastfeeding to changing my baby’s diapers, I instead feel more disturbed. However, in no way, I mean any kind of offence. I know everyone is just too excited to meet the new one. But let’s spare the new mom as well!

Don’t judge me!

From formula-feeding to opting cloth over diapers or vice-versa, please stop judging us with our decisions regarding our child. And yes, that doesn’t permit anyone, not even my own mother, to judge me!

every new mom

I can be tired more than anyone else or even lesser. My body can shed post-partum faster or may not. I may have undergone a C-section or may have endured a normal delivery. No matter what, stop judging me! I need your support, your genuine advice not your judgement!

Don’t underestimate US!

My husband and I are totally clueless! Yeah, we are learning new stuff every day. From that vaccine to understanding child behaviour, we are still in it. But, don’t mistake yourself by underestimating us.

every new mom

We might be new, but that in no way means we are wrong. There have been several traditional methods regarding raising a child that has been currently proved wrong. Which means, just like not every modern stuff can be good, not every traditional solution can be great either.

Mom guilt is TOTALLY real

Yes, it is! I often feel this guilt getting built inside me when my only wish is seeing my child sleeping peacefully. At times, I also feel guilty of feeling if I am not doing enough as a new mom. Nursing just became real and I finally feel maybe I might not carry it out. Thankfully, with proper support from close ones, I overcame everything.

every new mom

And so is post-partum depression…

Honestly, before I got a child, I often thought that the entire post-partum concept is no more than a myth. It was only when my girl was a week old when my post-partum body was struggling hard when I had to stay up all nights and change tons of diapers every now and then, when I realized the myth that “I” created. Post-partum depression is, in fact, one of the biggest concerns that most new moms face in the first three months. And yes, mothers who overcame it deserve a salute.

every new mom


Wait! Not everything is that serious either!


I can a great stalker

Ok! That may sound quite funny but yes it’s true! I keep staring at my baby for hrs and can keep doing so. Why? Firstly, because she’s totally adorable and secondly because I keep checking if she’s breathing fine.

every new mom

Shopping is addictive

No, I don’t mean shopping for myself, but for my kiddo! From her new-ever-changing clothes to toys, I wish I was a millionaire buying every possible stuff for her. It’s actually quite a lot of fun.

every new mom

Smelling diapers is common

You never know when clothes can get soiled. Instead of facing any sudden embarrassing situation, I literally keep smelling the diapers, just anywhere. Yes, I mean that!

every new mom

Seeing “non-parents” being tired is funny

You literally don’t understand how do others, who are not yet parents, get exhausted! Like how!

every new mom

And finally…

Hubby, I still love you…

Yes, I now may have occupied most of my time for our child, but that doesn’t mean I forgot you. Even today, you’re the one who’s in my heart first, then comes our child. Without you and your support, I could never have made it this far!

every new mom

I now know what it takes to be a mother

And when I myself have become a mother, I have realized what it truly takes to be one. Patience, efforts, wisdom, smartness, quick and what not! Being a mother is actually the world’s biggest and toughest job. And we all are doing great!

every new mom

So, ladies, these were some of my confessions that I faced after I became a new mom. Practically speaking, I feel these are words of every new mom yet if you have some other confessions or if you too could relate to the same, let me know in the comments below. Till then, ciao!


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