newly married woman

14 Bang On Things Every Newly Married Woman Experiences

While some call it a pretty bubbly honeymoon period, your first-year post-wedding is definitely more than that. From those desi aunties gossiping about you two to having awkward random conversations with strange people, a newly married woman gets a life that’s definitely not just about romance, candlelight dinners and love.

Newly married woman

Ladies, if you too have been “just” married,  this article is surely for you. Here we present some of the most bang-on things that every newly married woman faces.

Without much ado, let the curtains unroll!

1. Living “finally” with him

You have been waiting for this for your entire life. And when finally you get married, living with him becomes more than just sharing a room. It seems a fairytale come true. Or describing it aptly,  it’s quite like a paradise.

Newly married woman

2. Adjusting is not THAT easy

You may have thought compromising or adjusting can be an easy walk. Or more of befriending just more people. Quite contrary, it’s harder than you ever thought. And no, it’s not just about adjusting to your husband’s habits. It’s really MORE than that, really really MORE than that!

Newly married woman

3. Your first BIG fight breaks the bubbles

That first fight is indeed something that you never thought could be that serious. But, when it finally happens, it is! Be it about anyone your silly habits or about any kind of difference in opinions, that first big fight is sure to break many bubbles. And yes that is completely natural because not only that further cements your bond but also makes it stronger.

Newly married woman

4. New family

And now when you’re finally married, you have now got a complete set of new family. Apart from building a stronger relationship with your man, your first year also includes you to give your best to the in-laws. From cooking special dishes to enjoying family trips, as a newly married woman, you give your best to please them.

Newly married woman

5. Newer responsibilities

Being a married woman includes more responsibilities than you ever thought. Now, that you are someone’s wife, you are expected to take up household chores and work responsibilities like a pro. And yes, you do quite it well.

Newly married woman

6. Uncountable questions

“So, when are we getting the good news?”

“Are you still going to work after marriage?”

“Does your mother-in-law hate you?”

There are uncountable questions that you face. And yes, not every time you have to answer them properly. Instead, use sarcasm! Lol!

Newly married woman

7. You miss your mother’s food

Yes, after you get married as a couple, you and your husband receive umpteen number of invitations. But even amidst those delicious meals, you often miss your “Ma ka khana”. After all, only she knows about your preferences and your favourite tastes. And it’s only now when you realize how awesome your parents are.

Newly married woman

9. You are the centre of attention for your parents

Now, that you are married, your parents give more attention than before. Every time you visit your father’s place, especially if you’re a newly married woman, your mother cooks your favourite dishes. In fact, now you’re more pampered than ever. And you just LOOOOVE that!

Newly married woman

10. You ALWAYS want to look and dress nice

Yes, you got to admit this! Soon after you get married, you always try to look good and mature or to be honest, just perfect and flawless. After all, now you need grab “his” attention! *Wink*

Newly married woman

11. Besties to hubby

From shopping to hanging out, your besties were the ones who stuck with you thick and thin. But once you get married, your priorities change. Especially when you’ve got your new best friend, your husband, your besties now occupy a rather back seat. However, what the distances are, the love between you girls is always there!

Newly married woman

12. You communicate more carefully

Now that you are in a new place with new people, you never know how you may end up hurting them. Thus, to avoid any such situation, as a responsible newly married woman, you now learn to communicate more carefully. You now think twice before talking and doing anything.

Newly married woman

13. His arms are most secure

Yes, you do can take care of yourself. But the feeling of being secured and protected while being with him is just beautiful. From seeking advice to getting a shoulder to cry upon, “he” indeed changes your life and makes you feel secure like never before.

13 Bang On things every newly married woman experiences

14. “I” to “We” and “My” to “Our”

Now that you two are one, your dreams and wishes become “our”. Love and romance just got a new and a blissful meaning.

14 Bang On things every newly married woman experiences


Some of you might feel terrified reading some of these facts. But trust me, these things are only meant to make you stronger. With gradual time, soon these will become part and parcel of your life. And, if you have some more experiences that you faced as a newly married woman, tell us in the comments. Also, do tag and share this post with your newly married friend or who are soon going to tie the knot.


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