worst things Bollywood taught

10 Worst Things Bollywood Taught Us For Years

Yes, you read the title right! The list of the worst things taught by Bollywood exists and it is totally legit!

Let’s get the cat out of the bag! Bollywood has indeed entertained a lot, but at the same time, it has also taught several disgusting lessons as well. Misogyny, sexism, objectification, misleading representation! The list just goes on! In spite of engulfing a massive 104 yr time period, the industry still requires several corrections in terms of representing several issues.

Having thus said that, let’s check out some of the worst things Bollywood taught us. That too, again and again! *Phew*

1. Stalking is cool

With movies like “Badrinath ki Dulhania, “Sultan”, “Raanjhana”,  “Tere Naam” and “Darr”, Indian filmmakers have often normalized stalking. Instead of portraying them as an invasion of privacy, they glorify it in the name of romance. Duh!

worst things Bollywood taught

The movies quite expectedly move around the same plot. An attractive, talented and educated young girl who literally doesn’t give a damn to her stalkers. (Why would any girl even do it!) Then we have a so-called drowned in love, “Romeo”, following our girl almost everywhere. In spite of the girl not replying back, because, hell yeah, she has more important stuff in her life; she eventually gives in because the stalker is badly in love with her. The End!

Stalkers are always creeps, not heroes! Period!

2.Teenagers need to focus on relationships

Now, don’t get me wrong in this! Yeah, puppy love is cute but definitely not more important than your studies. Giving more attention and time to relationships is at least I feel one of the worst things Bollywood taught us and definitely needs to be attended before it’s too late.

worst things Bollywood taught

Movies like “Mohabbatein” and “Student of the Year” have actually prioritized relationships thus keep education in the back seat. And why not! Why is even education important? Right!

3. Objectification

Apparently, according to Bollywood film-makers, women are actually just the only source of entertainment. Thanks to item numbers like “Chikni Chameli” and “Sheila ki jawani”! Objectification in Bollywood has, in fact, today, escalated to that level, where any dancing woman is referred to as “item.” Not to forget the over-sexualization of the dancers, due to which women are now presented as only objects of meat, meant only to be letched.

worst things Bollywood taught


Bollywood, just stop it already!

4. Concept of “good girl”

And where do we start this from! See, it literally doesn’t matter how are you as a human. As long as you can make “round rotis,” dress ethically including lots of sarees and adapt to “his” family members, you are just perfect. Yes, indeed!

worst things Bollywood taught

Of course, how can a girl who loves partying, focuses on her career and lives her life on her terms, can even be considered as tolerable. Of course not! After all, “log kya kahenge!”

5. A girl’s NO is never a NO!

Thanks to Shoojit Sircar’s “Pink” that has finally brought light to this matter. A NO should NEVER be considered as a fake “yes”. Men, it’s high time to get it that when a girl drops clues saying she dislikes you, it just means that. No more, no less!

worst things Bollywood taught

6. Only a “well-styled” and “fashionable” girl deserves to be loved

Call me a feminist, but I truly believe this as one of the worst things taught by Bollywood to several generations. What’s common between “Anjali” from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and “Sanju” from Mai Hoon Na? Both of them were only loved back only when they switched their style. Apparently, only when you dress as per the “conventional” norms like applying layers of makeups, wearing Burj Khalifa sized heels and wearing short dresses, you can be loved back. After all, what’s use of being a good human!

Friendzoned Anjali!

worst things Bollywood taught


Anjali after a makeover!

worst things Bollywood taught

7. It’s OK to gate-crash any wedding

In spite of being a huge fan of SRK, the day I watched Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, my expectations were shattered. Raj literally screws Simran’s wedding that her father finalized. Likewise, Farhan and Raju ruin Piya’s wedding with Suhas. Yes, we do agree both the initial grooms didn’t deserve their counterpart females. However, that doesn’t mean that the protagonists are free to ruin a wedding.

worst things Bollywood taught

8. Kiss her to shut her

The pivotal job when anyone is angry and is speaking something is to stay silent. No, this doesn’t just apply to the women, it applies for all. Unfortunately, our Bollywood characters don’t get it. Instead, they choose to kiss her. Well, at least that shuts her up for a while.

worst things Bollywood taught

Men, here’s some news! Non-consensual kissing is neither cute or romantic! That’s just DISGUSTING!

9. Derogatory songs with double-meaning lyrics

Songs like “Ringa Ringa”, “Dreamum Wakepum” and “I Am A Hunter” are literally replete with derogatory lyrics and double-meanings. When the mass audience includes children and when even they start humming to these tunes, it’s high time for lyricists to pay more attention to the words.

worst things Bollywood taught

10. Promotion of alcohol and cigarettes

Yet again one of the worst things Bollywood taught and something that definitely needs attention! All thanks to songs like “Chaar Bottle Vodka”, “Party All Night” and “Humka Peeni Hai” that casually normalizes over-consumption of alcohol. Not to forget about mentioning the objectification that’s also present therein. Likewise, with protagonists taking to fags, smoking is also represented as a cool quotient.

worst things Bollywood taught

Stop it Bollywood! Just stop it!

Well, these were some of the features that I personally felt to be some of the disastrously worst things Bollywood taught us. If you know about some more, don’t forget to share in the comments. And, if you liked the post, share it with your friends too.


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