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These 10 Awesome Reasons Make Me Fall For My Husband AGAIN And Again!

My husband is the best gift I have! And I so much mean it!

Since the day I got married, my husband has played a major role in my life. From those silly fights to cute surprises every now and then, he has helped in shaping my entire personality post marriage. Call me an old-school but even the thought of him not being with me totally gives me major creeps.

my husband

If you too are married and are blessed like me, this article is a must-read. For every loving wife, here I present some of the reasons why I consider my husband as my life’s biggest blessing.

He helps bring the real “me”

Being with my hubby means being the real “me.” Almost everyone has passed through a phase when pleasing others become a priority. However, we miss the fact that during this process we tend to alter our very own personality. Being with my husband helps me escape this. In fact, when I am with him, it’s easy to be what I really am. I blabber nonsense, burp loudly and what not! Being myself becomes really enjoyable.

my husband

He makes me feel better

Let’s admit it ladies, life after marriage changes you more than you ever thought of. But the only person who helps you do that in a better way is your husband. Since the day I got married, my husband has taken in all my sad moments, my frustrations and, of course, my madness. He has been, and is, still, my ultimate stress buster, come what may!

my husband

He makes me a better person

He knows about my flaws and he still accepts them. In fact, he helps me correcting them, only for the sake of being a better human. There had been times when I was seriously wrong, yet that didn’t lessen his love for me. Instead, he criticised the mistakes in such a cute yet diplomatic manner that I keep falling for him again and again. Yes, it happens!

my husband

My husband encourages me with my dreams

Be it about my career or about my family, he always leads me towards the right path. He understands that my dreams too, constitute an important part of my life. Thankfully, knowing this, he constantly boosts me only to ensure that I can cover an extra mile. Without his consistent support, I do get motivated, but not like when he’s there. The more I think about this, the more I feel blessed!

my husband

His sudden cute surprises

Ice-cream or chicken nuggets, he loves surprising me every now and then. Aaaand that just melts my heart. After all, which woman won’t love it! Those small pleasures indeed provide an unmatched priceless pleasure.

my husband

He is my answer box

Be it about my work or about that recipe that went wrong, my husband almost has answers for everything. Even when it’s about choosing the right dress, he is my ultimate Einstein! Of course, when you know that your hubby has answers for almost everything, you become more contented and, of course, more blessed!

my husband

He respects my parents just as his

A daughter-in-law respecting her in-laws is, of course, no big deal. Because she is already trained to do so. But when your man does the same with your parents, in fact, more than you do, life becomes blissful.

my husband

He is the perfect dad

From being totally sorted out to be calm in the most unexpected situations, my husband perfectly fits in the role of a good father. He’s smart, practical, empathetic, respectable, humble and considerate. That means now I can be chill out being a relaxing and a happy mom.

my husband

He is my happy future

Marriage doesn’t just mean raising kids and being a pro back in the house.The real essence of any marriage is tasting life with the help of a genuinely loving companion. All thanks to my husband who makes this possible. Looking at him consoles me that he is just my perfect future I always thought to have.

my husband

And, finally…

I belong to him

Yes, I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a blogger! I have my own identity that has made me what I am today. But, above all, the thing I cherish the most in my life is the fact that I am “his and he’s mine.” The sense of belonging is my most prized possession.

my husband


So, ladies these were my reasons due to which I feel immensely blessed to have my husband. Of course, every woman can have their own perspectives, but these were mine. If you too can relate to these, of course with respect to your husband, (LOL) don’t forget to comment below. Also, don’t forget to show some love. Share this article and tag your husbands along with it! Let’s make them smile!  


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