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10 Hilarious Reasons Why All Married Couples Fight

Married couples fight! ALWAYS! Period.


No matter how badly one can be in love, married couples who don’t fight are probably not normal. Yes, I do agree fights can often hurt you, but at the same time can also quite funny and romantic.

Funny because of these silly trivial things based on which you guys fight. And romantic, because of the beautiful phase that generally comes after!  


married couples


If you are already a married woman, you probably know what I mean. However, if you are about to get married, this article might be quite helpful as it will help you learn what you can experience. Brace yourselves, people, here are some of the most common silly reasons due to which almost every couple fight.

1. First in loo

Now that’s a real struggle!

Fighting over as to who goes first in the loo, just when it’s morning is silly and totally true. If you are new in a relationship, you might initially feel humbled to do so. But only, when you are completely close enough and have been in a long-term relationship, you wouldn’t even hesitate to prioritize your system than your spouse’s.

married couples

Fret not, it’s true aaaand it happens!

2. Choosing movie

You want rom-com, he prefers sci-fi! Yes, we know that!

A lovely evening that includes just you two. And you guys plan to spend this beautiful time watching a movie. But you never knew that this romantic bubble is just about to burst because you guys have to select a movie.

married couples

Yes, selecting a movie is probably one of the funniest reasons why married couples fight over and it’s totally normal.

3. Sharing blanket

Probably one of the most common reasons why siblings and couples fight on! If you think you love him already, wait till you share the bed. Both of you want the same blanket, but unfortunately, there’s only one!

Et tu, honey!

married couples

4. Switch off the lights

Prior to the blanket war, is the game of switching off the lights. You are tired after a hectic day. So is he. You’re there in bed super comfortable. So is he. You need to switch off the lights. So does he. Aaaaaaand action!

married couples


5. Profile Pic

You love him with all your heart and, of course, want the world to know. You change your profile pic to a cute together selfie. But, alas, he doesn’t! Why? Does that mean he doesn’t love you? Or he finds you boring? Fight thus explained!

married couples


6. Watching favourite series-ALONE

O-M-G! Funny yet true for all married couples!That epic fight over watching even a single episode of your favourite TV series is so relatable. That feeling of being abandoned by the person who you love the most is like almost witnessing Ned Stark die!

married couples


And yes, I am still not over Ned Stark’s death even after seven years. (Cries in the corner)

7. Wet towel on bed

Oh-my-goodness! One of the impossible things to ever happen would be men not putting their wet towels on beds.

married couples

Even pollution can cease existing, but not this!

8. Sulking during a conversation

Yes, ladies, you are not alone! One of the biggest mysteries is probably why do men just don’t always pay attention when we talk. Okay, some of us may blabber a little more, but still why! We would take just around 60 to 120 minutes, that’s it!

married couples


9. Vacation

Planning for your next vacation can often turn violent for several married couples. While you may want that beach, he wishes a romantic hill-station.

married couples

And thus, the fight!

10. Being unromantic

So what if he gave you a diamond ring last month or taking you for a long late night ride! He needs to give in more! Obviously!

married couples

Yes, these are stupid reasons, but let’s admit it, almost all married couples have fought over these. If you too can relate to some or all of these illogical yet silly fights or if you know about some more hilarious reasons, let me know if the comments section. Also, don’t forget to tag that friend who’s about to get married and will experience the same. Share it and spread the love!

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