pizza lover

10 Bang-On Things For Every Die-Hard Pizza Lover

All thanks to the Italians who gave us one of the most prized possessions till date- P-I-Z-Z-A!

From sniffing that exotic aroma to having that first bite of a cheesy slice, there’s something unique about a pizza lover and for his/her love for pizzas.

pizza lover

In spite of their variations in terms of toppings and crust, but that doesn’t lessen our love for the same. Pizzas are undoubtedly one of the best foods existing in this entire universe! Period.

pizza lover
confessions of a pizza lover

Dedicated to the love of this awesome food, here we present some of the most obvious signs that can easily show that you are a die-hard pizza lover. Let’s get staaaaarted!!!

1. You are known as the  “ultimate pizza-holic

Your family, friends, colleagues, teachers, cat, plant, bacteria…almost every being existing under the sun know you primarily as the  “ultimate” pizza-holic. As a result, you are often considered as the pizza guru. Be it about the best crusts or the best toppings, most of your acquaintances ask you for the best pizza advice. And you just L-O-O-O-V-E that!

pizza lover

2. Your favourite pizza parlour is on your speed dial

Middle of the night or just after returning from work, you never know when you start craving for your love. Lest, you forget the number and face a horrifying situation, your phone is already pre-equipped with your favourite pizza parlour’s number as a speed dial. One touch and you’re ready to meet your love.

pizza lover

3. Your phone is loaded with pizza pics

Be it a simple veg pizza or an overloaded cheese pizza, you make sure to click before getting that first heavenly bite. Because, best memories are always meant to be preserved!

pizza lover

4. Your first bite always seems to be the first time

Every time, just every time, you take that first bite, you feel as if it’s the first time you tasted a pizza. And almost every time, it is just H-E-A-V-E-N. Sheer bliss!

pizza lover

5. And, it seems that every next bite can be the last

When it comes to having pizza, you literally believe in YOLO! You never know what may happen next, so let’s enjoy every moment with every slice!

pizza lover

6. Eating a whole large pizza is no big deal!

pizza lover

Because happiness knows no size!

7. You HATE sharing pizza

No, pizzas are not meant to be shared! Never, like never!

pizza lover

8. You hate pizza-haters!

Because if the best thing in the world doesn’t get love, what is the world good for! If you don’t love pizza, you don’t even need to breathe! Period!

pizza lover

9. Your indulgence in pizza is mostly undisturbed

From that first bite to enjoying that cheesy strips, your friends or your family don’t disturb you when you are having your beloved slice. In fact, no one even dares to do that.

pizza lover

10. You’re already craving for it!

Yes, you are! You might be even getting that exotic aroma! Don’t feel guilty my dear pizza-lovers, we know love happens!

pizza lover

Enough of it! Let’s dial it and order one!

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  1. Quite an intersting post for pizza lovers!!! I enjoyed reading it!

    1. Nazia Afreen

      I am glad you enjoyed it! <3

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